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The Best AT&T-Compatible Modems and Routers

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With AT&T as your internet service provider, you’ll have access to fast download speeds up to 100 Mbps, depending on your location, equipment and plans available near you. To access the internet, you have two options: rent a router through AT&T, or purchase your own AT&T-compatible router. 

With DSL service, you have to use an AT&T modem no matter what, according to the service agreement. This costs $75. You also have the option to purchase a Wireless Gateway (aka router) from AT&T for $100. However, using your own router with AT&T’s modem can add additional features like customized speeds and security features.   

If you’re an AT&T Fiber customer, you also have to use their Gateway device, but the cost is included in your bill. That said, you can use your own router for improved performance.

The best modems and routers for AT&T internet

To make your search for equipment easy, we’ve compiled a list of the best AT&T compatible routers to use with their Gateway device. The following devices have been sorted by a number of categories intended to provide several different options.

Best router overall: Reyee AX3200

If you’re looking for a powerful Wi-Fi to use with your AT&T Gateway, this model from Reyee consistently rates as one of the best. It supports speeds up to 3,200 Mbps, so it can handle every AT&T plan but the very fastest one — 5,000 Mbps. 

The Reyee AX3200 is equipped with just about every advanced router feature there is. It has eight omnidirectional antennas, and each of those is equipped with FEM amplifiers — a fancy way of saying it can cut through walls to deliver Wi-Fi to every corner of your house. It has an impressive coverage area of 3,000 square feet.

Best for multi-gig speeds: TP-Link AX6600

If you need something capable of handling AT&T’s fastest plan, there are few routers as advanced as the TP-Link AX6600. It’s capable of providing Wi-Fi speeds as fast as 6,579 Mbps, which is faster than any AT&T plan actually offers.

It delivers those speeds on three different bands, which means it can handle plenty of devices using your internet at the same time. The router’s eight antennas use beamforming technology, which focuses your internet signal in specific directions for a stronger connection throughout the home. 

Customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive, too, with many users noting faster speeds and better coverage throughout the home. And while it’s not our top pick for gamers, it does come with a Game Accelerator feature that allows you to optimize game streams. 

Best non-fiber router: TP-Link Archer A6

If you have a DSL plan with AT&T, you don’t need a router that can handle the very fastest speeds. AT&T’s DSL plans top out around 100 Mbps, but the TP-Link Archer A6 is still capable of handling up to 1,200 Mbps. Even with that kind of performance, it’s still one of the cheapest wireless routers you’ll find, and if you ever move or upgrade internet plans, it can still handle all but the fastest plans. 

The only downside is that it might struggle in larger homes. If you want to spread your Wi-Fi connection to every corner of your house, you may be better off with a slightly more expensive model or our pick for the best mesh router, the Eero 6. 

Best mesh router: eero 6+ Mesh Router

If your internet connection isn’t quite reaching every part of the house that you need it to, a mesh router is one of the best (and most affordable) solutions. A mesh system uses two or more access points placed around the house to expand your coverage. You can buy the eero 6+ with up to three routers to cover your home.

It’s a particularly good mesh system for anyone who likes to monitor their connection’s performance. The eero app lets you set up he routers, see which devices are connected to your network, and track your speeds and data usage. 

Best gaming router: ASUS ROG Rapture

Any advanced Wi-Fi router will do a capable job of handling the speed you need for glitch-free online gaming, but not all of them come with the gaming-specific features of the ASUS ROG Rapture. It has hardware- and software-based gaming acceleration and prioritization, plenty of LAN ports, and an incredibly powerful processor.

In short, it’s built to have everything a gamer could want for the perfect gaming experience. You can control all of these features through the ASUS app or in a browser. Most people don’t need quite this much in their router, but hardcore gamers will appreciate the extra control.

*Prices and information retrieved May 13, 2022

More AT&T compatible routers

DeviceMax SpeedsPriceBands
TP-Link AC1750 Smart Wi-Fi RouterUp to 1,300 Mbps$Dual-Band
Linksys EA7300 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router AC 1750Up to 1,300 Mbps$$Dual-Band
Amazon eero mesh Wi-Fi router/extenderUp to 550 Mbps$Dual-Band

*Prices and information retrieved May 13, 2022

Research methodology: Results were based on analysis of available routers compatible for AT&T internet service. Features, prices, and reviews were considered as criteria for determining the best modems for each category. Please note that speed is determined by the type of AT&T offers in your area. Check with your provider to confirm the type of internet connection you have with your plan before purchasing your own equipment.

Compare internet providers

No matter which AT&T router you choose, your speed will be limited by the plan you’re on. If you want to boost your speeds significantly you may need to switch internet providers entirely. The good news is that many providers like Google Fiber and CenturyLink provide free equipment on some plans. Enter your address below to see what’s available in your area.

The bottom line

When choosing AT&T as your internet service provider, it will be cost-effective to purchase your router, as it will save you money long-term as opposed to renting AT&T compatible routers. Furthermore, you’ll have many options to choose from to find one that fits your needs. The best router for all is one that offers you fast connections to optimize your internet activity while saving you money.

Frequently asked questions


Can you use your own modem with AT&T?


Yes, you can. You can check with AT&T for a list of compatible modems and routers for your internet service.


Can I get a new modem from AT&T?


You can buy a new modem/wireless gateway through AT&T’s website or find a compatible one through retailers like Amazon.

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