Get your brand in front of millions of movers.


Become a brand that's chosen, trusted and loved by movers everywhere.

39 million

The estimated number of people who will move this year


The average amount movers spend during their move

$240 billion

The estimated annual value of the mover market


We know movers best. And we reach them first.

Our exclusive relationship with the USPS® helps you reach the right movers at the right time. Connect with movers when they need new products and services the most - and get your brand in front of them before the competition.

MYMOVE Mover Audience Chart
Mover Audience Chart

What We Do

Create rich, branded experiences for any platform and every device.


Reach every mover who completes a USPS® Change of Address with print ads inside official USPS® mailings.

Audience: 39MM


Send offers, drive traffic, generate sales and re-engage customers through targeted, personalized email campaigns.

Audience: 19MM


Have a product you want to get in movers' hands? Deliver a free trial right to their doorstep through our sampling program.

Audience: 39MM


Go digital with advertisements after the USPS® Change of Address, designed to drive engagement on any device.

Audience: 19MM

One-Click Enrollment

Allow up to 6MM movers to opt into your loyalty program or subscriber mailing list with the click of a button through advanced API integration.

Audience: 6MM

Creative and Analytics

Work with our in-house team to design premium ads and compelling copy, while optimizing your experiences through testing and analytics.

Audience: 39MM


Find the right audience for your brand.

Movers provide their data on (including age, gender, location and more) so we can show them the most relevant offers. That means you can choose the movers you want to reach - and customize messaging and creative for your unique audience.

Our Partners

We work with the best.

We're passionate about working with brands movers know and trust - and brands we think they'll grow to love. It's how we ensure high-quality offers and valuable savings for our users, and great returns for our partners (like open rates up to 97%).

Contact Us

Interested in working with MYMOVE? Contact us using the form below and we'll be in touch. Not looking to advertise, but still need help? Visit our support page and contact us there.

MYMOVE is looking to partner with national or semi-national brands interested in launching multi-month or quarterly tests at this time. All new programs have a lead time of at least one month.

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