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Staying Sane

Even the most organized move is going to be stressful and emotional. You may be moving to a new city and school district away from friends and family. With so much to do, in a short amount of time, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. We know what movers are going through and can make settling in that much easier.

Calm Your Moving Stress: Avoid These Four Moving Disasters

Chances are, you hate moving. It’s messy, complicated, tedious and physically demanding. You’re constantly balancing a cocktail of stress…

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4 Ways to Make your Home the Life of the Housewarming Party

It’s natural to want to throw a housewarming party after you’ve settled into your new digs. What’s better than proudly reveling in your…

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How to Unpack After a Move (Without Driving Yourself Crazy in the Process)

You’ve probably heard lots of advice on how to pack before moving. But what about advice on how to unpack after a move? This process is just as stressful and, if the number of people who are still living out of boxes months after moving in is any testament, just as difficult to slog through. […]

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Moving and Shaking: How to Minimize Anxiety During a Move

If you’ve ever moved, you’re all too familiar with how physically, emotionally and financially draining the process can be. The logistics…

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How to Get to Know Your New Neighbors

Striking up a conversation with strangers — even new neighbors — can be challenging. But, once you’ve settled in after your big move, it’s time to get out there and introduce yourself. Whether you tend to be more introverted or outgoing, these ten tips will help you easily make new neighbor introductions. Meeting your neighbors […]

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A Guide to Help Manage Depression During a Move

Moving to a new place can be exciting and a bit of an adventure, but once the initial excitement of the move fades many people are left with far different feelings. Feelings like exhaustion, uncertainty, doubts, fears and stress can all contribute to moving depression, or what’s popularly come to be known as relocation depression. […]

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4 Decorative Elements That’ll Relax Your Moving Mind

The move into a new home can leave you frazzled and exhausted. Even if you’ve done everything possible to minimize anxiety during the…

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Top Wellness Apps To Help You Stay Calm During a Move

It may feel difficult to focus on anything else but planning, packing (and unpacking), and other preparations throughout your move. When the process becomes overwhelming, it’s essential to take time for self-care to manage moving stress. These seven relaxation apps will help you stay calm and collected during your move. 7 relaxation apps to help […]

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How to Establish A Community in Your New Town

You may think making friends in a new city is challenging. However, learning how to meet new people in your area doesn’t have to be intimidating. Follow some of these tips on how to meet people, and soon enough, your social calendar will be packed with exciting adventures. How to find a community in your […]

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