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Real stories from real movers like you. Every move is unique, but sometimes hearing a story about a move like your own can make your move go a little bit smoother. Get a first-hand account of the wins and moving fails of movers on their moving day.

Mover Stories: Everything We Learned From Buying Our First House

Moving is stressful enough on its own — now think about adding the most expensive purchase of your life on top of it. But even though two in three Americans live in a home they own, buying that first one still feels like venturing into uncharted territory.  To help clear up some of that mystery, […]

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How I Survived My DIY Move

It may not feel like it while we’re in the middle of it, but most moves follow a common template: the work move, the first house move, the moving in with a partner move. And then there are the moves that seem to happen almost by chance — the right place just comes along at […]

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