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The Best Home Security Systems According to the MYMOVE team

The products featured here are independently selected based on thorough research from our editorial team. If you buy something through links on our site, we may receive a commission.

Honestly, the best home security system is any home security system. According to a University of North Carolina at Charlotte survey of 422 convicted burglars, 60% said the presence of an alarm would deter them from breaking into a home. To help you choose the best security system for your home, we polled the MYMOVE team on the home security systems they trust to keep them safe.

Our picks for the best home security systems

SystemBest forStarting equipment price rangeProfessional monitoringContract
ADTMost trusted name$$$ – $$$$36 months
BrinksCustomization$$ – $$$36 months
VivintHome automation$$$ – $$$$60 months
RingVideo doorbell$ – $$None
Additional fees and terms may apply. Pricing may vary by location and availability. All prices subject to change at any time. As of 11/28/22.

ADT Security: Most trusted name

System features

  • Professional installation
  • 24/7 monitoring by ADT
  • Largest professional monitoring company
  • $500 theft protection


  • Well-known name
  • DIY system options
  • Six month money back guarantee


  • Smart home and app are only available with pricier plans
  • Expensive equipment and monitoring plans

If you only know one name from our team’s top picks, it’s probably ADT. With over 130 years of experience and 7 million customers, ADT is by far the most popular option around for professional home security monitoring. And as recognizable as it is to you, that little blue shield also means something to criminals. To build your package with ADT, you’ll have to chat with a customer service representative over the phone or online. 

Erik G. | Content Designer 

“The first thing we set up in our new home was our home security system. We went with ADT, and have had it for 16 years now with no complaints. I wanted a trusted name in the industry and ADT had several levels of packages we could choose from. Over the years, we’ve added features and they’ve been great — like when we dropped our landline they converted us to a mobile security system. The control panel is easy to use and the peace of mind the system provides is 100% worth it. Couldn’t imagine not having a home security system.”

Brinks Home Security: Best customization

System features

  • Professional installation
  • Monitored by Brinks team 24/7
  • Professional monitoring plans starting at $29.99/mo.
  • Large selection of security and automation devices


  • Customized home security
  • Lots of equipment options
  • Mobile access comes with all packages


  • Video monitoring is not included in all packages
  • Professional installation options are pricey 

There’s a reason Brinks is the company you call when you need to transport millions of dollars in valuables. If you want to lock down your home like an armored vehicle, Brinks provides everything you need, and they’ll set it all up for you, too. It’s a little pricier than other systems — at least $29.99/mo. plus the cost of devices — but you’ll get 24/7 professional monitoring from the Brinks team.

Michelle M-B. | Marketing Director

“We couldn’t be happier with Brinks. Great features such as video bell and keypad lock, plus an app to manage it remotely. There was the time my giant schnauzer mix triggered the alarm — I forgot the passcode and my husband had to disarm it remotely. A few weeks later, I found out the launchpad takes a photo when alarms are triggered and it was me in my PJs, hair all over the place trying to get it to stop. I appreciate that level of service, crazy hair and all. In an odd way I feel connected to my home.”

Vivint: Best for home automation

System features

  • 24/7 monitoring by Vivint
  • Professional installation
  • Flexible financing options
  • Extensive smart home integration


  • Lots of home automation options
  • Customizable packages
  • User friendly app and voice integration 


  • Lengthy contracts
  • Difficulty getting out of contracts
  • Expensive equipment

Vivint is one of the newer players in the home security market, and it’s made its name with advanced smart home features that don’t require a computer science degree to use. You can do all the basics from the app — arm and disarm the system, view camera footage, answer the doorbell — but Vivint also adds functions like changing the temperature, turning lights on or off, and having two-way conversations through your security cameras. If you want the most fully integrated smart home system you can get, Vivint offers the simplest route.

Ashley L. | Senior Visual Designer

“Buying a full security system wasn’t necessarily in our budget right after buying our home. Vivant offered 0% interest to finance their security equipment—making the security cameras we wanted much more affordable.”

Ring Video Doorbell 3: Best video doorbell

System features

  • Easy installation
  • Wireless doorbell allows you to see, hear, and speak
  • Use app from phone, tablet, or PC
  • Receive notifications when someone rings doorbell or triggers motion detectors
  • Rechargeable battery pack


  • DIY and wired options available
  • Doubles as security camera and doorbell
  • Recording features 


  • Strong Wi-Fi connection needed
  • Runs on battery (if not wired)

If you don’t necessarily need a full-fledged home security system, but still want to keep an eye on your front door, the Ring Video Doorbell offers a nice middle ground. Its video starts rolling four seconds before any motion is detected, so you’ll have a complete picture of any event sent straight to your device. You can also add additional Ring cameras or upgrade to the Ring Alarm Pro system for a more complete setup. And because you don’t have to drill into walls or make any modifications, the Ring Doorbell is the perfect security option for renters. 

Meghan P-P. | Director of Marketing

“The Ring Doorbell is fantastic, the app works really well, and it allows us to see and speak to who is at the front door — from within the house or when we’re not home. Adding the Alexa video system is a perfect combination. We also installed a few additional cameras in the back of the house also to monitor activity.”

The bottom line

Whether it’s a small home or a large one, there’s a home security solution for everyone. Just remember that you’ll need a strong Wi-Fi connection to get the most out of Ring Video Doorbell, as well as many other home security devices. Make sure your internet is up to par, and find a plan that’s right for your home security needs.

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