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7 Ways to Create the Ultimate Cozy Bedroom This Winter

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There’s something about the long nights and cold temperatures of winter that make you want to stay in bed. But what if your bedroom isn’t beckoning you as much as it should? It’s time to incorporate some different elements and create a cozier space for yourself. We’ve put together seven ways you can transform your bedroom into your personal cozy safe haven. 

1. Consider a new mattress

A cozy bedroom starts on the bed with a comfortable mattress. You’re not going to want to be spending a lot of time relaxing in bed if you’re not a fan of your mattress. So if you’re looking to invest in a new mattress, make sure you pick one that you wouldn’t mind spending a couple of hours a day relaxing in.  

2. Try a new comforter

What type of comforter do you have on your bed? If you’ve thought about investing in a thicker winter comforter, this is a great time. Wool and cotton should be your go-to fabric types if you’re only interested in a comforter to keep you warm and comfortable. But if you’re happy with the aesthetic of your current comforter and just want some extra coziness, you can layer a quilt or throw blanket on top of your comforter. Also, don’t forget that electric blankets are always an option as well.

Pro tip: to create an even comfier bed setup, use a weighted blanket to help trap in heat while you’re under the covers.

3. Use lighting to set the mood

Creating a cozy space is all about ambiance. So of course, lighting is key. To start, switch out any bright white lighting with soft, warm bulbs in all lamps and overhead lighting. Then, make sure you have a lamp near your bed that you can turn off without getting out of the covers. There’s nothing worse than cozying up for the night only to remember you need to get up to turn off the lights.

If you want to get really creative with your lighting, you can use a smart lamp to pick a relaxing color to help set the mood. Remember, any color you find the most cozy is the  color to choose.

4. Grab a warm drink 

Cozying up your bed will help warm your body, but you’ll need something to help warm your soul. Grabbing a hot beverage to drink while relaxing in bed is pleasant no matter what season it is, but feels especially nice during winter. Make your favorite coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, turn on your favorite TV show, and just chill.

Make your experience feel even cozier by using a winter-like flavor for your warm drink. Some of the most popular seasonal flavors to try are peppermint, gingerbread, apple cinnamon, and eggnog.  

5. Lay down a rug or two

When you get out of bed, you don’t want to be greeted with a cold floor. Add a soft, plush rug to either side of the bed so your toes can sink into something warm and welcoming. You’ll want a rug that’s warm, soft, and inviting for your feet. A cotton or faux fur rug would make an excellent choice. Don’t feel like you have to settle on one rug though. layering rugs adds even more texture and extra softness. 

6. Light a candle

You can’t have the ultimate cozy bedroom without a candle. Choose your favorite scent, light it up, and set it anywhere you like. Placing your candle across from wherever you like to sit in your bedroom is recommended so that you’ll be able to look up and watch that calming candle flicker. Fill your room with even more cozy winter vibes by choosing a seasonal candle scent. 

7. Plug in a space heater

You can’t be warm and cozy if your bedroom is always cold. Plugging in a space heater can fix that problem instantly. Space heaters are great for warming up spots of your home that need a little extra warmth. Heating a single room with a space heater can be cheaper than running heat through the whole house. But be careful not to use too many, or you’ll see a big spike in your electricity bill.

The bottom line

With winter on its way, there’s no better time to invest in creating your ideal cozy bedroom. Decide what elements are a must-have for your bedroom and have fun creating your cozy hideaway. 

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