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8 New Home Complaints You’ve Uttered and How to Fix Them ASAP

Ahh, the new home experience. Expectation: move in, wave a wand and watch as your decor dreams theatrically come to life. Reality: stand back to admire your new place-then start uttering frustrations about this, that and the other. Why does that room feel so dark?

Before you throw in that tattered towel, let’s review the quick fixes to some common interior complaints of new homeowners. You’re not alone, but you’ve so got this on your own.

1. “This Room is too Dark.”

Don’t let that seemingly dark room dampen your mood. One of the quickest fixes for a room lacking luster is to use a mirror or two to reflect light-promoting immediate brightness and openness. Make it the star of the show by choosing a mirror sized perfectly for your wall. Face the mirror towards the natural light source so it can bounce.

2. “This Room is too Small.”

Room feel too small? Use a rug to create an optical illusion. Striped rugs-especially with the stripes running the length of the room-can virtually elongate it. For proof, check out the lengthening effect of these modern black and white striped rugs. Ready to try one on for size? Because enlarging is the goal, be sure to correctly fit the rug to the room.

3. “This Room is Uninteresting.”

If you’re overwhelmed with nothing when you stand back and look at the room, chances are it’s not emitting any elements of your personality. Through customized decor like personalized quote art, star maps, and pet pillows, you can get your room speaking your language. Let your home tell the story of where you came from and where you’re headed.

4. “This Room is too Stale.”

Let’s say along that same vein, the room feels too stale. You’re chilly just looking at it. Your go-to? Layered lighting. Translation: incorporate different types of lighting-ambient, task and accent-throughout the room for warmth and balance. Illuminating your home with all three types will help show off its best angles. Who doesn’t appreciate that?

5. “This Room is too Cluttered.”

On the contrary, does the room feel like a hoarder’s paradise? Clutter can create additional stress, which you certainly don’t need after a move. Purge the room of unessential items, then install some floating shelves to showcase your favorite pieces.

Heed the advice of Sabrina Soto, interior design expert: use the cantaloupe rule. Focus on statement pieces larger than a cantaloupe to avoid crowding a room with too much clutter.

6. “This Room is too Matchy-Matchy.”

Here’s one worth shuddering over: the room is too matchy-matchy. It looks like a generic stock photo of a wholesale furniture store-and it’s giving off zero character. Mismatched furniture (united in common aesthetics) can help you stir up a charming style that’s unique to you. You can do it: fight the urge to buy full furniture sets! Already bogged down with a set or two? Consider mixing them up and adding in a few new pieces for interest.

7. “This Room is Imbalanced.”

Don’t assume imbalance is from asymmetry-some is a good thing and helps avoid that generic look. If something feels “off,” it could simply be the current height placement of your art. Many homeowners inadvertently hang art too high in hopes it’ll bring the eye up, but all it does is fill the wall with too much empty space-right where you’re looking at it. As recommended by designer Vern Yip, hang art at eye level, about 60 inches above the floor.

8. “This Room is too Big.”

This complaint is last because it’s probably the least common-but if you’re lucky enough to be swallowed by extra space, it’s understandable to crave a coziness factor. An abundance of blankets, textures, layers and dark colors will help create warmth and intimacy; and room dividers, screens and large plants will help fill gaping holes of space.

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