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What Does Your Home Say About You?

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Are you adventurous? Well-travelled? Creative? These are personality traits that, in a sense, can be written on your walls.So, what does your home say about you?  There’s a reason that the saying, “Home is where the heart is” resonates with people as a commonly accepted expression. No matter where your life takes you, home is the place you come back to time and time again. In its very essence, your home is meant to be a place of comfort, safety and self-expression—it’s supposed to represent who you are.Is your home telling the correct tale or do you need to write a new story? Before you decide, here are some things your home may be saying about you, whether it be intentional or not:

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 Examining Your Home’s Exterior Elements

While it’s well known that it’s not fair to judge a book by its cover, for those who never step foot inside your home—the cover may be all they have to go on. Your home’s exterior can say just as much about you as the interior design. This means there is a lot of room for creativity and self-expression before anyone even steps inside.One of the first indicators to a passerby as to what type of homeowner inhabits a residence is the basic size of the home. Size is often a reflection of income or lifestyle. If you have a rather large home, then people will automatically assume that you are well-off.  If your home is over-the-top extravagant, people may automatically dislike you and assume that you are a show-off. Although, don’t despair, as a lot of these feelings may be spurred by jealousy, and let’s not worry about those petty people.Exterior color schemes are also a great way to express who you are.  Bold colors give a sense of homeowners that are out to grab life by the horns and take on adventures. For example, a red door says, “Look at me, I’m not shy!” While muted colors may make you appear more relaxed, casual or understated.Similarly, small welcoming details can be great indicators of the lovely hosts that live within a home. Details such as welcome mats, charming pathways or yard lamps create a sense of familial space that welcomes guests, saying, “Home is where my heart is”.

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Let Landscaping Tell a Personal Story

The landscaping effort that goes into a home is also an indicator of homeowner taste and style. Great landscaping takes planning, investment and energy—which in and of itself tells those who pass by that the homeowners are hard-working people who are far from lazy.  Even a landscaping work in progress says something similar to the outside world.A landscaping project that reveals clean lines and symmetrical designs could be a way to emphasize the importance of order in your life, or simply say that you are a minimalist.  On the flip side of that, landscaping that plays up embellished arrangements or intricate stonework could express a love for detail and charm that your family may hold dear. A contrast of these two elements combined could speak to your appreciation for balance in life.Adding step stones made out of your children’s footprint designs, or crafting hand print stones to add to birdbaths are little touches that speak loudly about the importance of family in your life.These are all great stories for your yard to tell. Although, be careful of landscape clutter or tacky yard ornaments—these tell a very bad tale of laziness or poor taste.

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Emotional Investment in Interior Design

Once family or friends step through the front door, your story continues through your interior design choices. Just as it was on the exterior of the home, the interior color palette is going to immediately set a tone for the home’s overall sense of atmosphere. Warm colors versus modern cooler tones define the home’s purpose within seconds of walking in.The floor plan of the home is also a clear indicator of lifestyle. A home that displays an open floor plan gives the sense of a family that enjoys the continuity of time together. Nothing feels off limits and there is a real sense of community.  Alternatively, a home with a more closed-off floor plan and doors that are shut creates a sense of mystery and intrigue—or could even go as far as saying that the homeowner is closed-off and private, or potentially hiding something.The materials that are used to build a home speak to the future plans of homeowners. Believe it or not, homes that have investments made in long-term features such as granite countertops or bamboo flooring could indicate that the owners are committed to the long haul. While homes that have cheaper, lower-quality pieces can say, “We don’t have the money to invest right now, or we don’t want to invest in this short-term living space”.Additionally, touches of cultural flair are major indicators of what’s important to a homeowner. Accent pieces that represent a cultural belief or religion are clear examples of a family that builds their lives upon personal beliefs and passions. Cultural items can also boast your worldly travels.

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The Importance of Home Efficiency and Extras

Beyond the aesthetic appeal of a home is it’s functionality and what that says about homeowners. If your home runs on green efforts, the commitment is going to show through. Roof top gardens, solar panels, rainwater purifiers or high-efficiency heaters are silent testaments to a homeowner’s belief in a sustainable environment.The securities you add to your home also speak to your personal beliefs. For instance, posted security system signs are clear indicators of homeowners that value protection for themselves and those around them. A fence can also speak to similar beliefs, but a very tall fence may also say, “Stay away, I’m a private person”.  While mid-level fencing with a friendly painted exterior or flowery vines tends to give the impression of homeowners who are protecting small children, but want to maintain a familial and friendly exterior.Even your window treatments tell a tale. For example, if you have long drapes or blinds that are always shut then this may imply that you are a closed-off person who wants to be reclusive and left alone.  No one wants to be the Boo Radley on their street, do they?

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What does your home say about you? Are you friendly and welcoming or are you a private, closed-off person? Isn’t it amazing that your home has the power to tell your story without even saying a word?Design your home’s exterior and interior with purpose and meaning, and send a clear message of who you are. No matter what’s important to you or your family, there’s a way to convey that to the outside world through home design. When it comes to this unspoken story of design, most homes have a lot to say.Luckily, you’re never stuck with one story. As life and preferences change, so can home design and what it says to others about your lifand that makes your home the ultimate storyboard for great things to come.

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