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30 Walk-in Closet Ideas for Men Who Love Their Image

3d rendering interior and exterior design
dit26978/ Getty Images

Getting out of bed in the morning, opening the window to refresh your mind, body and spirit, showering and then carelessly walking into your closet to pick out your outfit for the day sounds like the beginning of a unique day balanced by a healthy routine. Just before breakfast, you choose your “weapons” for the day.

And you know how “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”?

There is undeniable magic accessed through design. You can feel it changing your perspective. One day you imagine your dream closet and the next, you’re getting dressed there every morning. The masculine vibe in a man’s walk-in-closet is not given by the clothes themselves, but by a magical mix of materials, colors, textures, light and creative vision. Change your environment, change your habits.

Masculine walk-in closet ideas

When Everything Falls into Place

interior of walk-in closet

dowel/Getty Images

The masculinity of this first example seems to lie in its organized nature. “A place for everything and everything in its place” is the guideline by which a walk-in-closet becomes functional, while the nature and possibilities of the space can be warped according to the designer’s creative vision. If you want to bring masculine details into your home, why not start where you yourself start your day – in the walk-in-closet?

Closet Design: Minimalism meets Function

Modern minimalism is welcomed in contemporary homes, especially in a masculine wardrobe where simplicity encourages organization. As we’ve seen happening last year, the relationship between men and interior design has changed and this trend is steadily making its way to the closet.

Distinction in Lively Colors

3d closet

dit26978/ Getty Images

It’s easy to think of a man’s closet in natural colors or dark hues, but sometimes this space is revived with vivid colors. The joyful closet design filled with masculine items was imagined by interior decorator Nate Berkus for his Manhattan duplex. The home-makeover expert on The Oprah Winfrey Show imagined a sophisticated gentleman’s closet infused with functionality and style.

Closet Space under a Gabbled Roof

Gathered under a tall roof, clothes nicely organized on hangers, hats on racks and shoes on the bottom shelves showcase attention to details. An ottoman keeps the comfort level to a maximum in the master closet of this stunning Australian country estate, aiding in your daily efforts of presenting the best version of yourself to the world.

How an Ottoman can Change the Mood

Modern wardrobe in a residential building

sl-f/ Getty Images

Choosing an ottoman with internal storage is a smart move in a small wardrobe and an option in large closets. This Australian home displays an oval ottoman in a naturally lit master closet with custom-designed furniture – just one detail and everything looks more interesting.

From Spare Room to Spacious Wardrobe

What was once a spare room can become a brightly lit walk-in-closet. Customization is the perfect solution when you want the walk-in-closet to suit your personal needs (you might have more shirts and sports coats than the next guy) and store your clothes and accessories in style.

Shine Some Light from Above

Clothes hanger under skylight

DianaRui/ Getty images

Natural light should flood every gentleman’s wardrobe just to make sure you choose the right colors, textures and accessories. If windows are not present, a skylight can shine some light on your fashion collections.

Floor-to-Ceiling Shelving in the Closet

A spacious walk-in-closet with floor-to-ceiling shelving in light colors. Even if no details are shockingly intriguing, the overall appearance predicts a high functionality.

Tie Collection in the Spotlight

tie closet

Jaroslaw Lucki / EyeEm/ Getty Images

This closet seen in the Strait Lane Estate imagined by Dallas-based Mary Anne Smiley Interiors is serene and well lit. There is plenty of room for shoes on the side opposing the shirts, as well as a brightly lit tie storage. This becomes a glamorous focal point that simply brightens up the whole walk-in-closet.

Solid Wood Cabinetry and Vivid Colors

A solid wood closet is the classic way of displaying clothes and accessories, and modern versions of masculine walk-in-closets are customized to the owner’s needs. Updating this space might require just a splash of color and adding a modern chair to the mix increases functionality. But don’t take my word for it, check out what celebrity organizer Melanie Fascitelli teaches us about closet organization.

Mirrored Doors and Closet Configuration

A spacious corridor in the private apartment.

itchySan/ Getty Images

Mirrored closet doors like the one seen in Melbourne Contemporary Kitchen‘s portfolio are the perfect way to visually enlarge a space, bring in more light and offer a break from the design monotony. A man’s closet has fewer types of items than a woman’s closet and also differs in length necessary for the construction of each storing element. But customization could leave you with a stunning gentleman’s walk-in-closet like the one pictured above.

Modern Walk-in-Closet: Apartment Version

Romanian Studio 1408 knows how to design a man’s closet for maximum storage and efficiency. Within a spacious Bucharest apartment, the studio imagined an elongated walk-in-closet with plenty of storage room and maneuver space. It’s not necessarily about the space you have, it’s more about the way you prioritize the available space.

A Lot of Light in Light-Colored Closet

Wardrobe near the mirror in the office

sl-f/ Getty Images

If you have more accessories like handbags, belts, scarves, hats, and seasonal items, a simple closet just won’t do. Organization is key here, so before starting to build your dream walk-in-closet, you must assess your belongings. This New York City townhouse showcases an inspiring way of using light colors, glass shelves and drawers to store everything.

Grey Tones and Great Lighting

This masculine wardrobe in grey tones is part of Urban Core Ventures portfolio. Seen through the lens of Joshua Lawrence, this space was organized around the owner’s needs – including a safe  – and artistically lit to compose an intriguingly luxurious atmosphere.

Light Grey Palette Shaping a Masculine Vibe

Built-in wardrobe open with mirror doors in the corridor of an apartment

doble-d/ Getty Images

Another example of using grey to define a masculine walk-in-closet is shown above – a man’s wardrobe with a window seat flooded by natural light serves as example for anyone who considers these two ideas suited only for women. And if you look hard enough in the right places, you could find clever hidden storage tips and solutions for any space in your home, including the closet area.

Artificial Light Creating a Special Mood

Light is of utmost importance in a walk-in-wardrobe – it helps you navigate and choose your clothes. Downlight clothes rods like LA Closet Design used in this inspiring man’s closet are a great idea for spaces lacking natural light – could you see this idea in your own custom closet?

Think Creative: Luggage as Decor

This wooden walk-in wardrobe by Piero Lissoni showcases an exemplary way of storing your clothes in style. Natural colors, carefully placed lights and an organized scene make this closet simply stunning. Using old luggage to decorate and store brick-a-bracks is a great idea for an old-timey gentleman, don’t you think?

Masculine Walk-in-closets: Simplicity is Key

closet 3d rendering masculine

dit26978/ Getty Images

We all know how making a good first impression counts. And it might just be the impression you leave on yourself the minute you look in the mirror, ready to face the world in the morning. A walk-in-closet with sliding glass doors and wall-mounted shelves like the one from Viarde Studio could become the scene of your everyday transformation into the person you want to become.

Barn Doors for Modern Walk-In-Wardrobes

A bedroom-adjacent walk-in-closet can be surprisingly hidden behind a barn door. Depending on your preferences, a man’s closet like the one above imagined by Jute can display earthy colors as a background for all your clothes.

Glossy Sliding Doors for Stylish Closets

Much like this example from Poliform USA, glossy surfaces convey a minimalism best suited for people who appreciate simplicity. There’s a soothing honesty in glossy surfaces, constantly reminding one of their own selves through the mirroring effect. You can have your own modern, multifunctional master bedroom closet by following a few simple rules. The question remains: is this more your style?

The Closet: Claim it Through Design

Big beautiful walk in wardrobe. Luxury modern home

IP Galanternik D.U./ Getty Images

Having a sink in the master closet helps you and your clothes stay fresh (you can prevent getting your white shirts dirty by washing your hands before getting dressed). A space you can see as your perfect walk-in-closet is first filled with intention, so you must become aware of your personal needs and apply them to this coveted interior space, make it your own through design, just like Sebastian Mariscal Studio did for their client.

Behind Closed Closet Doors

Any gentleman knows how important clothes are for making a first good impression. But even the clothes have to make a good first impression on you and an organized closet like the one above by Sharps helps accomplish both. Behind closed doors, your clothes have a luxurious dust-free space of their own, as our grandfathers probably never dreamed of.

Tradition and Customization


Fancy/Veer/Corbis/ Getty Images

Brown is an all-time favorite color for a man’s walk-in-closet. In a spacious walk in closet, ample storage was designed in cherry blossom melamine by the team of Closet Organizing Systems. Many double hang sections and open shelves keep clothes handy, while the desk area “anchors the room”, as the Chicago-based team describes it.

Mysterious Dark Nuances in the Closet

Dark colors in a walk-in-closet define a masculine space, but great lighting in a dark space is what creates that alluring mystery. A bachelor pad could very well showcase a dark man’s walk-in-closet alongside those basic spaces for living. Your second skin deserves an organized  environment as you deserve a healthy lifestyle.

Take a Second Look at That Tight Space

Is it walk-in-closet material? Even if the space you have for storing clothes and accessories is not ideal, customization will help turn things around. Under a slated wall like in the London Mews House by TG Studio, lights line the bespoke shelving unit, while the large entrance with mirrors allows you to use this space for changing in and out of different clothes.

Mix and Match Spaces

Walk in closet with organized clothing

IPGGutenbergUKLtd/ Getty Images

If you can put a garage in the living room, then you can definitely put an office space in the closet. Think about what would make you happy and find ways to materialize that idea. Use the space you have to feel like you want and enjoy the journey!

Sunshine in the Morning

With one of this year’s bedroom trends being influenced by luxurious hotels, we can indulge in dreaming our own versions of a masculine walk-in-closet and help designers find solutions to make THAT real. Sunshine reaching in through the curtains cheers everything up and your day starts with clarity. Within a serene environment, days appear more challenging because you know how lucky you are to have all that you have. It’s up to you to create those mornings!

Wallpaper for an Intriguing Effect

Photographed by Ken Hayden, this cozy men closet was designed by Lori Dennis using an IKEA system paired with wallpaper. Simple ideas, functional items and a creative twist can turn that boring tight space into a closet that pops out.

Color Changes Everything

Luxurious walk in closet with lighting and jewelry display.

Björn Forenius/ Getty Images

Painting the walls behind the shelves a different color, like Steilish Interior and Lifestyle Design did in this West Chelsea Residence, is one way of adding that little extra to a classy closet space. A closet island might be the perfect shoe storing solution. The materials, colors and textures of this specific closet were chosen as part of an overall design – it’s your turn to imagine the ideas in your own favorite colors!

All-White for a Stark Contrast

Having a pure white walk-in-closet might sound scary, but color organization in such a pristine space looks amazing. Choosing white for the closet is an encouragement to keep your clothes color-coded at all times for a soothing effect. California Closets mastered this closet project and we benefit from the inspiration.

And how about comparing design lines, space possibilities, colors and textures with these awesome 33 walk in closets that accentuate your fashion collections?

Please share if you liked our list of inspiring masculine closets. What you share could help someone else build THEIR dream closet. So pay it forward and enjoy the ride!

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