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The Best Mattresses According to the MYMOVE Team

You’ve probably heard how important a good night’s sleep is. It lifts your mood, strengthens your heart, and improves your concentration. One study even found that people who didn’t get enough sleep were four times more likely to catch a cold.

After an exhausting move, getting to sleep probably won’t be an issue. But if you’ve been sleeping on the same mattress for a while — most sleep experts recommend replacing your mattress around eight years — a move is the perfect time to make the upgrade. (Bonus points: it’s one less thing to move.)

But it’s hard to know what to trust when you’re shopping for a new mattress. To find the mattresses that will make you look forward to going to bed we polled the MYMOVE team on what they actually sleep on.

Our favorite mattresses

MattressBest forPrice (Queen)*Trial periodMaterial
Loom & LeafFoam mattress$1,914365 nightsMemory foam
Layla HybridInnerspring and foam hybrid$1,499120 nightsInnerspring and memory foam
Beautyrest PressureSmartFirm mattress$1,599100 nightsInnerspring and memory foam
Zinus Green TeaBudget mattress$168-$368100 nightsMemory foam
Casper WaveCooling mattress$2,895100 nightsInnerspring and memory foam
Sleep NumberCustom settings$1,499100 nightsAir and foam
*Prices as of 08/12/22

Loom & Leaf: Best foam mattress

Mattress features

  • Available in two firmness levels 
  • 5-lb. high-density memory foam 
  • Breathable cotton pillow-top
  • Gel-infused cooling layer
  • Delivered outside a box by Loom & Leaf team

One of the rare foam mattresses that doesn’t come in a box, Loom and Leaf has one of the highest foam densities of any mattress, meaning it feels more supportive without sacrificing comfort. Its pillow-top gives it a more luxurious feel than cheaper mattresses, and the more substantial materials used by Loom & Leaf should get you more mileage. 

The free delivery also includes in-room setup, and the full year trial period is much more generous than you’ll get with other brands. (But you will have to pay a $99 pickup fee if you choose to return it.)

Joe S. | Senior Writer

“I never thought I’d like a memory foam mattress, but after sleeping on the Loom and Leaf Relaxed Firm for five years, I’m a convert. The pillow-top layer makes me feel like I’m sleeping in a luxury hotel bed every night.”

Layla Hybrid: Best innerspring and foam hybrid mattress

Mattress features

  • Flippable mattress with “soft” and “firm” sides
  • Innerspring and foam hybrid
  • Copper-infused memory foam
  • Shipped in a box

If the thought of going full memory foam sounds a little too squishy for you, the Layla Hybrid is a nice way to cover all your bases. It’s still a bed-in-a-box, but that box contains hundreds of individually wrapped coils for maximum motion control. Most importantly, you’re not stuck with only one setting. The Layla Hybrid comes with a soft side and a firmer side, so you can flip it over if you want to try something different.

Meghan P-P. | Director of Marketing

“We love our Layla mattress! There is a medium side and a softer side, so depending on your needs, you can flip the mattress. It is the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned. The setup was easy, let it rise in 24 hours and you are good to go!”

Beautyrest PressureSmart: Best firm mattress

Mattress features

  • Uses innerspring coils
  • Includes layer of gel memory foam
  • Works with adjustable frame
  • Delivered outside a box

If you like a firmer mattress, innersprings are often the way to go. Available exclusively at Mattress Firm, Beautyrest’s PressureSmart collection of beds use pockets of coils topped with gel memory foam and comfort foam. One unique feature of the PressureSmart mattresses is that a thin layer of memory foam is quilted right into the fabric, giving it a plush feel without the “sinking” sensation you get from some memory foam mattresses.

Cristina M. | Assistant Marketing Manager

“My husband is tall so we needed a mattress that would give us good California King options. The mattress is very firm, which helps his back pains, and has motion separation for undisturbed sleep. It also works well with the adjustable base we have.”

MYMOVE pro tip

If you buy a new mattress before you move, keep it in the box for moving day! The box is heavy, but it’s way less awkward to carry the mattress if it’s still in the box. 

Zinus Green Tea: Best budget mattress

Mattress features

  • Memory foam feel
  • On the softer side
  • Comes in four thickness options
  • Layer of green tea infusion
  • Ships in a box

If you’re shopping on a budget, or just want a cheaper mattress for the guest bedroom, the Zinus Green Tea earns more positive reviews than mattresses far above its price. It’s a pure memory foam mattress, so you’ll have to be comfortable with a softer feel, but side sleepers rave about its effective pressure relief. We’re not totally sure what the green tea infusion actually does — Zinus says it helps keep your mattress “feeling fresh” — but at this price, we don’t really care.

Erik G. | Content Designer

“We needed an inexpensive king mattress for our guest room and this has really worked out well. Ordering and delivery was really simple and the bed is super comfortable for our guests.”

Casper Wave Hybrid: Best cooling features

Mattress features

  • Uses innerspring and memory foam
  • Zoned support lifts waist and lower back
  • Cooling gel layer
  • Ships in a box

Most mattresses like to brag about their temperature control features, but Casper is one of the few companies where customers like to do that bragging, too. Reviewers rave about how Casper keeps the temperature down. It uses more than just the “cooling gel” layer that you’ll find in most mattresses. The Wave Hybrid uses a pocketed coil core that allows for significantly more airflow than true memory foam beds. 

Erica D. | Editorial Director

“I love our Casper mattress. It’s supportive but still comfortable. We added a pillow topper and it’s perfect. And the bed-in-a-box delivery made getting the king mattress upstairs so easy!”

MYMOVE pro tip

Keep the plastic sleeve your mattress comes in for any future moves. 

Sleep Number: Best for custom settings

Mattress features

  • Can change comfort and firmness settings on each side
  • Automatically responds to movements
  • Provides a sleep quality score each night through app
  • Foam and air construction

If you and your partner can’t seem to agree on the same kind of mattress, Sleep Number’s smart beds have the ability to make everyone happy. It’s one of the few mattress brands that uses air as its primary material, and if that conjures images of sleeping on a cloud, you’re not far off. Sleep Number’s app is also incredibly advanced, giving you nightly data about your heart rate, heart rate variability, and breath rate (or you can just look at the all-in-one SleepIQ score). 

Michelle M-B. | Marketing Director

“The smart bed is the best home purchase ever! My husband no longer complains of back pain in the morning. He and I definitely have different mattress needs and being able to calibrate based on our sleep preferences has helped us achieve better sleep. Nothing like Zero G and other elevation settings to help you recover from high impact activity, stressful days. Definitely sets the stage for a good night’s sleep.”

The bottom line

Buying a mattress is a huge purchase, and ordering one online can feel like a risky proposition. Fortunately, every company on our list gives you at least a 100 nights to try it out, so you don’t have to stick it out with a mattress you don’t love. (Sleep experts recommend giving it at least 30 days.) 

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