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4 Reasons Fall is the Best Time to Move

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Summer is a popular moving season, but buying a home moving in the fall might actually be the way to go. Before pulling the trigger on a summer move, consider waiting a few months until October. Moving in the fall is the best time to move for a few reasons. Here are four reasons why buying a new home in the fall has major advantages.

1. Movers have more openings

The majority of moves take place between May and early September, making October through April the off-season for most moving companies. College kids are already settled into their new apartments by September, and families who were moving school districts have already unpacked and begun the new school year.

Moving in the fall gives you more flexibility because you can choose a date that works for you, rather than being forced to move on the one random Tuesday where your local mover can fit you in. Plus, there will be more of those coveted Saturday appointments available if you move in October instead of July.

2. Favorable weather

Fall is conveniently between the scorching summer heat and frigid winter cold. If you live in a location with four distinct seasons, then you know just how pleasant (and agreeable) fall weather tends to be. This makes fall the most flexible time to move, and you’ll also dodge spring showers. When the heat rises in excess of 100 degrees in mid-August, your movers may flat out cancel or reschedule on you. Nobody wants to risk the health of their staff.

Likewise, come December, if there are icy roads or a blizzard, your movers may have to reschedule. When you move during October or November, you won’t have to work around inclement weather, which ultimately makes the process more flexible.

3. Lower prices and more options

Less movers in the fall means you’ll pay less to make your move. Because it’s the off-season, moving companies tend to charge less. And since they charge less, you’ll be able to shop around for what you really want in a moving company. When prices are lower you may feel less pressured to choose the cheapest option.

It’s best to get multiple quotes before you settle on a mover. During fall, you’re more likely to receive multiple quotes within your budget, and more affordable quotes translates to more freedom.

When you’re not stuck with the only mover to offer an affordable hourly rate, you get to choose the right mover based on their reputation, schedule, and other important factors, aside from what they charge. Keep in mind that September is still a popular moving time for many students and people starting a new job in education, so for bigger savings and flexibility, try scheduling your move for October.

Moving is always a huge task, but it can be less stressful (and more affordable) if you time it right. Making the decision to move in the fall means you get your top pick of moving dates, prices, and you’re unlikely to get derailed by a surprise from Mother Nature. If you’re looking to save the most on your move in the fall, consider waiting until October! 

4. Home for the holidays

If you get your move finished in October or early November, you can be settled into your new home for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. This is the perfect time to invite family and friends over to celebrate and check out your new place.

Moving companies might even offer holiday specials you can take advantage of if you move in the fall. Adding a few dollars back to your pocket never hurts, especially during the holidays!

The bottom line

Relocating to a new city or even just a new home is exciting but requires some great planning and organization to minimize costs and stress. Planning a fall move means more moving company options to choose from, nicer weather, and could make all the difference between chaos and a stress-free move.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best month to move?

For the lowest cost during moderate fall weather, plan your move sometime between October and November. The cheapest time to move is in the winter when fewer people are moving. However, sometimes inclement winter weather makes for unpleasant moving.

What is the best day of the week to move?

Weekends are the most expensive moving days. This is because more people are off work and planning weekend moves, which means moving companies are much busier. Planning your move during a weekday between Monday and Thursday is ideal.

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