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Optimum Internet: Plans, Prices, and Reviews

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Optimum key features

  • Price: $40 – $180/mo. (price increases in year two)
  • Speed: 300 – 5,000 Mbps
  • Contract: None
  • Data caps: None
  • American Customer Satisfaction Index score: 59/100

While looking for internet providers in your area, you may have come across Optimum internet plans. The internet provider is a subsidiary of New York City-based Altice USA, Inc. Altice serves more than 4.9 million customers in 21 states, providing cable television, internet, and telephone services.

What we like

  • Range of plans for every budget
  • Equipment included
  • Bundle discounts for mobile customers

What we don’t like

  • Hefty price increases in year two
  • Limited service area

Optimum internet plans and prices

If you’re interested in an internet-only plan, know that Optimum internet price varies depending on the speed level you choose. Your upload speed will also depend on whether you have access to Optimum’s fiber internet, which provides symmetrical download and upload speeds.

PlanPrices starting at*Download speedUpload speed
Optimum 300$40/mo.300 Mbps20 – 300 Mbps
Optimum 500$60/mo.500 Mbps20 – 500 Mbps
Optimum 1 GIG$80/mo.940 Mbps35 – 940 Mbps
Optimum 2 GIG$120/mo.2,000 Mbps2,000 Mbps
Optimum 5 GIG$180/mo.5,000 Mbps5,000 Mbps
Plans and pricing as of 02/22/2023

Other Optimum internet features

While Optimum’s availability is limited, those who can get service have access to a variety of useful and convenient features, including:

  • Hotspots: Optimum customers, both new and existing, can access the internet from more than 1.5 million hotspots. These Wi-Fi access points are located at restaurants, cafes, hotels, train stations, parks, and other locations.
  • Internet protection: Optimum provides free tools to help secure your network. Customers have access to free internet protection software from McAfee.
  • Smart router: Optimum provides a free smart router when you sign up for an internet plan. With the Smart Router, it’s possible to keep your network secure and update your router settings from any location.

Price increases

Optimum doesn’t say exactly how much your price will increase in the second year, just that “Pricing, offers, and terms subject to change and discontinuance w/o notice.” That said, price increases with Optimum have been known to be significant. Because Optimum doesn’t require a contract, you can still cancel anytime.

Optimum internet speed

According to the FCC’s latest data report, Optimum provides slightly more than their advertised download speeds and slightly less than advertised upload speeds. They also noted that Optimum’s speeds were “very consistent” — even during peak internet hours.

Optimum also fell in the middle of the pack in Ookla’s speed test data, with 191 Mbps download speeds and 30 Mbps upload speeds on average.

Optimum reviews

Optimum Internet is generally well-rated by third-party consumer review sites, but — like many other companies in the cable/TV/internet industry — it’s prone to low aggregate ratings from user-submitted reviews.

According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, Optimum’s internet service scores 59/100, which is second lowest among all providers.

Optimum has an average 3.4/5 review from users of Negative reviews highlight billing issues and installation problems, while positive reviews praise the speed, affordability, and installation process.

How does Optimum compare?

Optimum stacks up pretty well against other internet providers — but only while the promotional pricing lasts. After that, you’re likely to pay far more than you would with competitors.

ProviderStarting priceDownload speedUpload speedACSI Score
Optimum$40.00/mo.300 Mbps20 – 300 Mbps59/100
Verizon Fios$49.99/mo.300 Mbps300 Mbps72/100
Cox$49.99/mo.100 Mbps5 Mbps61/100
Mediacom$19.99/mo. 100 Mbps10 Mbps60/100
T-Mobile$50.00/mo.33 – 182 Mbps6 – 23 Mbps71/100
Xfinity$24.99/mo. 75 Mbps10 Mbps66/100
Spectrum$49.99/mo. 300 Mbps10 Mbps63/100
AT&T Fiber$55.00/mo.300 Mbps300 Mbps69/100
CenturyLink$50.00/mo.100 Mbps12 Mbps60/100
*Prices as of 02/21/2023

Our take

Depending on where you live, Optimum offers some excellent internet packages at affordable prices, but you may get hit with some steep price hikes after your promotional period ends. That said, the speeds on even Optimum’s cheapest plans should be plenty for most households.

Optimum internet FAQs


How much does Optimum internet cost?


Optimum’s internet-only plans vary by speed, starting at $40/mo. and up to $180/mo. for the top-tier fastest speeds.


Does Optimum offer services in my area?


Optimum only offers service in parts of three US states. Enter your address on their website to check availability.


Is Optimum internet unlimited?


Optimum does not have data caps and, in theory, allows for unlimited usage. The company does have a standard excess use policy, which it can enforce if a customer consumes data beyond what is considered normal usage.


Are there any additional fees when I purchase Optimum internet?


Yes. Customers are charged a monthly network enhancement fee of $3.50, as well as a standard one-time $99 installation fee. State and local taxes also apply. Pricing varies by location.


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