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2023 Window Treatment Trends

Window treatment adds style and shade in living room
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A window treatment provides privacy, lets the sun in (or not) and helps to keep the cold weather out. And it does all of this while dressing up your windows and making your rooms look formal and elegant, modern or romantic – or while making a whimsical or bold design statement.

2023 is the year of practicality and we can see that in the popular curtain trends. Your window treatments should enhance the style of your decor and furnishings. 

According to, “Scandinavian, Roman, and Japanese style curtains are really trendsetting.”

They also recommend, “stylish curtains in beige, brown, purple, dark blue, milk, and chocolate tones. In order to add lightness to the interiors, use delicate lilac, peach, or blue.”

Whatever your style, we give you a look into the world of window treatments with definitions and examples to help you start your decorating journey:

1. Roller or Roman Shades

Roman shades add color
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“Clean and simple is one of the biggest trends in window treatments, like pairing treatments for coverage with simple side panels just to give that pop of color and texture to make a statement in the room,” says David Pulliam at Gotcha Covered.

“Traditional items such as shutters and Roman shades are popular in many areas.” Pulliam says that roller and solar shades are some of the fastest-growing products because they are now available in a variety of colors and transparencies. These are popular window treatment options.

“Roman shades are classic and have the clean lines for modern interiors,” explains Carol Marcotte, Lead Designer at Form & Function in Raleigh, NC. And that’s why they’re also recommended by Carolina V. Gentry of Pulp Design Studios in Dallas, TX.

“For letting in the light, top-up, bottom down Roman shades are great because they create privacy but let light in.” Gentry also likes the look of tailored window treatments. “For a simple and clean look, use decorative trim on the edge of drapery panels or Roman shades,” Gentry advises.

“Roller shades are seeing a huge increase in popularity in our region,” says Jeff King, Shutters and Blinds Specialist at The Blind King in Fort Worth, TX. This sentiment is shared by Lyndsey Dianne, owner and operator of in Houston, TX.

2. Shutters and Blinds

Window Treatments - Plantaiton Shutters
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Often confused with shades in terminology, blinds and shutters are slatted window coverings that you can open/close with a hand-operated mechanism or automated control. Shades are usually one piece of material that you can pull up and down to expose your window however you prefer.

Plantation shutters can add character and elegance – and they’re super easy to operate. In addition to wood and faux wood plantation shutters, you can choose moisture-resistant, light control, and even insulated options. However, wood shutters are not recommended for use in high-moisture areas, whereas composite shutters can resist moisture damage, warping, and staining.

Window Treatments -wood and faux wood blinds
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Blinds are also available in a variety of materials and styles, such as wood, faux wood with embossed colors that look like real wood, and vinyl. Blinds can also be horizontal or vertical and either corded, cordless, or motorized.

Best for: Blinds and shutters are best used for light and privacy control.

A general view of a living room with wooden floor of a home
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3. Curtains and drapes

These are window treatments usually picked to enhance your room’s decor. They can be made of heavy, light, and heat-blocking material or gauzy for-looks-only fabric.

Best for: Curtains that are paired with blinds or shades will maximize your light and privacy control.


These are pieces of material that hang from the top of curtains or drapery to essentially hide the hardware that is keeping the curtains hanging and accentuate the decor of the room.

Best for: Decorative enhancement to give your window treatment a softer look.

3. Hardware

phototropic/Getty Images

Window hardware usually includes the rod and knob that hold your window treatments in place. While the window treatments themselves are important, the hardware can add another level of style to the design.

Best for: Safety. “Blinds caused 16,827 injuries resulting in emergency room visits” from 1990 to 2015 in the U.S.

“Acrylic accents on finials, tiebacks, and rods are huge right now,” says Gentry. Metal hardware is another popular trend, according to Pulliam. “It adds a simpler and more streamlined look to the treatments,” he explains.

4. Technology

Automated XiXinXing/Getty Images

Imagine being able to open and close your smart blinds while you’re sitting on the sofa, in another room, or before you even enter the house. “Technology is now something to consider with your window treatments,” says Pulliam. “High-tech touches with home automation and motorization are on the rise because of their convenience and safety.”

Best for: Tech-savvy folks who like to control their home functions through their cell phones and remotes through Wi-Fi or Ethernet cables.

Window treatments safe
Motorized window treatments are also safer than cords. Image: Onzon/Shutterstock

Dos and Don’ts When Choosing a Window Treatment

Window treatments functionality
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Pulliam recommends choosing window treatments that you love, instead of selecting something that is trending at the moment. “You will be the one to look at it every day, so make sure that it is something that you will enjoy,” he says. “Also, consider not only how the treatment looks, but how it is going to function and meet your needs for the room.” Pulliam says this means you should consider factors including privacy, light control and insulation.

Window treatments combined
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“When choosing blinds, go for a wider slat. No mini-blinds. Look for 2.5″ slats on your blinds to maximize view, light and ease of cleaning,” recommends King. “Stay away from heavy draperies. They’re not as in right now, and are also hard to automate and motorize.”

Window Treatments - crisp and clean
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Marcotte advises consumers to consider organic and textural elements like woven or matchstick blinds. “These are lovely alone with or without lining (depending on privacy needs), but you could also have a layer of drapes over the top, as well.” She adds that neutral linen drapes are timeless. “They’re classic and can be decorated around over the years and have a more calming effect.” Another option for your window treatments is sheers. “They come in a variety of subtle patterns now and are not your ‘grandma’s sheers.’ They can be stylish and still allow light in, where privacy and blackout are not necessary,” Marcotte says.

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