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The 5 Best DIY Home Improvement Projects While You’re Sheltering in Place

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Most of us will be social distancing throughout April and if you are too, then you’ve probably burned through most of your Netflix queue already. Doing a little home improvement can help you feel productive, improve the space you’re stuck in and kill some free time. We’ve outlined a few project ideas to get you started. 

1. Put some paint on it

Use up some old paint or buy a new color to paint something you’ve been meaning to. You can paint or stain your deck and fence in preparation for summer. Paint a wall or ceiling that needs a new look. Freshen up an older piece of furniture, like a dresser or bench. Major retailers like Home Depot or Lowe’s offer online delivery of swatches, samples and paint cans, along with all the supplies you may need. 

2. Create an accent or gallery wall

Redesign and freshen up your space with just one wall. An accent wall can help a room feel bigger and clear up space on the other walls. You can use items you already have around the house, like picture frames, posters, artwork and mirrors to arrange into a gallery wall. 

Get creative with paint by designing a geometric accent wall in the sitting room or use chalkboard paint on a smaller wall in your kitchen. A patterned accent wall can be achieved easily with removable wallpaper — perfect for renters or if you’re afraid of committing to a more permanent look. 

3. Welcome spring with a flower bed

Spend some time outside and plant a small flower bed or garden. You can buy seeds online or purchase starter plants from local garden centers. If you live in a small space, keep it simple with a potted herb or succulent. A little greenery can freshen up your home and lift spirits.

3. Spruce up your outdoor space

Clear up your patio or balcony space for the incoming sunny weather. You can power wash surfaces and wipe down the furniture. With the stay-at-home mandates, you’ll likely be spending more time outside, making it a great time to invest in new patio furniture like a hammock or table set. Or make a fire pit for summer s’mores — many hardware stores sell fire pit kits. 

4. Replace doorknobs and handles

All you need is a screwdriver and some new hardware to refresh your doors, dressers, or cabinets. Replacing doorknobs and handles is a small change that can have a big impact on the look of a room. It’s an easy way to make a space more modern and elegant, and a quick Youtube tutorial can guide you through the steps.

5. Build something

Construction can seem intimidating, but thanks to the internet anyone can learn some basic skills. You can build something as simple as a bench for the entryway or as complex as a bar cart. Consider things you’ve been wanting to buy to improve your home. For example, building floating shelves or a storage ottoman can help make your home feel bigger. Hardware retailers like Home Depot will deliver wood and building materials that you order online.

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