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Home Exteriors Proving Black is the New Black

Exterior of black house, with windows showing interior rooms
James Brittain / Shutterstock

When it comes to home design, black may be the new black.Traditionally, the superstition of black exteriors has kept it from being a popular choice for homeowners. But with the influence of prominent designers (think Johnathon Alder and Simon Doonan), 21st-century home trends are changing. As architects and homeowners search for ways to create standout curb appeal without making things too bright or busy, they’re turning to the dark side.A black exterior is a striking choice for any home style. It’s authoritative, bold, and a bit haunting. It’s impossible not to make a statement with a black exterior. It amplifies modern architecture, making hard lines and angles even sharper. It also breathes new life to aged and dated homes, removing bland and murky hues for a timeless color choice.


Exterior of black house, with windows showing interior rooms

James Brittain / Shutterstock

Shop These Products Now: Ornamental GrassesTree PlantsUndeniably stylish and a bit sinister, here are a few things to remember when considering a dark facade:

A black exterior accentuates

We generally think that multiple colors and hues detail exteriors best. However, intricate details in Victorian and Craftsman homes actually get accentuated with a coat of black. This is a result of sunlight hitting different parts of the grooves and carvings on the home and highlighting the intricate details.

But, accentuates everything

The artisan details of your home’s exterior become more apparent with black paint, but so do its flaws. Cracks, chips, blemishes all become a bit more apparent when dressed in dark, so don’t expect it to smooth out imperfections the way a LBD does.

It stays hot

Not just in style, but in temperature. Like it does with clothing and cars, dark exteriors draw in and trap the heat. Great if you live in a colder region of the world, but worth considering a bit more if you live in the middle of the desert. But if heat is a concern for you, don’t forget another important aspect – your roofing material.

Let your worries fade

A major concern of those decking out their homes in dark is the fear of severe fading and required maintenance to keep black looking its blackest. However, fading paint colors falls more on the type of paint you choose more than the color, according to Protect Painters. In fact, colors that are most subject to fading from sun and weather exposure are vibrant reds and yellows.

Pick the right finish

Matte black and high gloss black will give you two very different looks once adorning on an entire home. Flat, matte black looks great on older homes, cabins, and detailed architecture. High gloss, on the other hand, suits modern styles and shakes up the look of classic siding. Below are some of our favorite homes that make us feel like the dark side isn’t so bad.

black home exterior

Feifei Cui-Paoluzzo/ Getty Images

This home in Northwestern Iceland opted for matte black siding.

Miguel Sotomayor / Getty Images

A brick facade in Amsterdam got the noir treatment.

black home extension

James Osmond / Getty Images

Don’t want to commit to a full on blackout? Just paint part of the house, like this English addition. What do you think of these black exteriors? We’d love to hear if you’re off to buy a few gallons of it, or a little creeped out. For the former, check out how we love black on the inside of our homes.