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35 Small Wine Cellars and Wine Room Ideas You Can Recreate

If you look forward to wine o’clock every evening, why not turn a spot in your home into a stunning wine room or wine cellar? You don’t need a large wine cave or hundreds of thousands of dollars to build one. All you need is a small area like a closet, pantry or corner to create your very own small wine cellar. Here’s how to emulate the most chic wine cellars out there.

wine room ideas and wine cellars

Turn a section of your cabinets into a wine cellar by adding shelving backed with a mirror to expand and lighten the space. Glass doors add a high-end feel to your new wine cellar. Image: Interior ID

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The secret to a successful wine room is climate control

Wine is delicate and doesn’t do well with big temperature and humidity fluctuations. The most important facet in your collection of wine room ideas is how you’re going to keep your wine in good shape.It’s all about keeping the temperature and humidity level in wine cellars from changing too much. The ideal temperature is 55 degrees F, give or take 3 to 5 degrees.You have two options to maintain the optimal temperature and humidity in your wine cellar:

  • Invest in a good wine refrigerator, cooler or cooling system
  • Choose a cool, dry, dark spot for your wine cellar, away from windows or exterior walls, where the wine doesn’t experience exterior temperature changes

Once you’ve got that sorted, it’s time to create a space that’s well-organized and inviting. Some things you may want to add to your wine room include:

  • Wine racks, shelving or custom cabinets
  • A wine glass caddy
  • A bar table and stools or some armchairs for serving and lounging
  • Good lighting that serves as task lighting and ambiance
  • Barware like corkscrews, glass decanters and other accessories
  • A small wine refrigerator for champagne or fragile aged wine

wine cellars

Homeowners converted a closet into an elegant wine room complete with ambient lighting, custom shelving and a wine refrigerator. Image: Perry Custom Homes

Shop These Products Now: Wine Rack CabinetWine GlassesWine Glass HolderNow it’s time for the inspiration. Check out these small wine room ideas that rival the most amazing wine cellars around. Cheers!

Wine room ideas for under the stairs

wine cellars and small wine room ideas

An inexpensive wire grid rack and some shelving can turn the unused space under a stairwell into a small, inexpensive wine cellar. To add resale value, invest in a glass door. Images: Zooi Designs

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wine cellar ideas

Glass doors and lighting add a design touch to your wine room. Image: Volansky Studio

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wine rooms

Walnut veneer pegboard and stainless steel rods create a contemporary wine room under the stairs. Image: Genuwine Cellars

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small wine cellar ideas

One of the most unique wine room ideas features the industrial-style use of wood crates fitted with an iron grid and backlit with warm golden light. Image: Beyond Beige

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Turn a closet or pantry into a stunning wine cellar

wine room ideas

A closet was converted into a wine room. Part of the drywall was replaced with glass to display the wine collection. Image: DCI Construction

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wine cellar ideas and small wine rooms

Two pantries that were converted into a wine room. In the first case, the door was removed and the alcove finished with decorative tile. In the other example, a wine shelf was fitted inside the pantry. Images: Chairma Design Group and Mark Lewis Interior Design

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Lighting is essential in a wine cellar closet conversion. Images: RH Carder Construction and Safdie Rabines Architects

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For the ultimate tasting room, add a bar table or lounge chairs

best wine rooms

Add a small, intimate table next to your wine racks for a cozy tasting room. Image: Elle Decor

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A small bar area and bar stools create a spot to enjoy your wine. Image: Moretti Interior Design

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Turn a sitting room into a wine tasting room by adding vertical wine storage and a bar to the area. Image: Vintage View

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A large recycled wood bar table next to a wine cellar can be concealed with sliding panel doors creates a minimalist wine room. Image: Studio Tramas

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Innovative wine shelves and glass doors enclose and display your wine cellar beautifully

Glass doors add a high-end jewelry box effect to a wine collection. Image: Chambers & Stark

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A custom glass display is the centerpiece of this contemporary loft. Image: Vin de Garde Cellar Systems

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A designated glass enclosure in a high-rise apartment creates a contemporary wine cellar. Image: Flaunt Interiors

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If you choose to enclose your small wine cellar in glass, be sure that the interior is artfully organized and well-lit. Image: IWA Wine

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An artisanal wine rack system is accentuated by the custom glass enclosure. Image: Harwick Homes

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Glass doors keep the wine collection cooler by insulating against temperature fluctuations. Image: Vintage Cellars

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Custom kitchen cabinets make great wine cellars

Create a small but practical wine room with kitchen cabinets, a sleek countertop and a small wine cooler. Image: Dooley Custom Homes

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Turn a small section of your kitchen into a custom wine room – just like this homeowner did – with some wall-mounted wine racks. Image: MIDMODERN Design

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When you put your wine room together, take a cue from this small one on how to display your wine objects. Image: Collins Dupont

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Lower kitchen cabinets paired with upper wine shelving provide plenty of wine storage, even in the smallest spaces. Images: Connecticut Stone and Sunflower Studio

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Choose contemporary shelves or unusual wine racks that make a statement

Backlit floating ledges are the perfect wine storage system since wine bottles need to rest on their sides to keep the corks moist. Image: Made Studio

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Wall-mounted wine racks make use of the vertical wall space that often goes unused. Image: SES Design Group

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A wall-mounted rack against a cool, stone wall is all you need to create a simple wine cellar. Image: Atwood Custom Home

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Mount floor-to-ceiling vertical wine holders on a hallway or basement wall to create an instant wine room. Image: Creative Design Construction

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A store-bought wine shelf is given a custom look with red LED backlighting. Image: Brayer Design

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Work a wine cellar into your kitchen

The latest design trend for wine cellars (and even refrigerators) is glass doors and glass enclosures. Image: Cell Art

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This wine cellar has a state-of-the-art wine cooling system. But you can recreate the look at home, minus the cooling system, for a chic wine room. Image: Vintage Cellars

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Designers added a commercial wine cooler into this contemporary kitchen. Image: Flynn Architect

Shop These Products Now: Bar TableFruit BowlBar ChairWith fall and the holidays coming up, it’s the perfect time to create a small wine room of your own. A well-planned one is the perfect place to gather with friends and collect your favorite wines for years of enjoyment.Want to see more stunning wine cellars and tasting rooms? Check out these 20 Luxy Residential Wine Cellars And Tasting Rooms.

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