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15 Inspiring Sectional Sofa Designs

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Whether you’re looking to redo a living room or you have a brand new room to fill, you may want to consider using a sectional sofa. Sectional sofas are great because of how versatile they are. They work in both large spaces and small. Larger sectional sofa designs are a great way to fill all that space in larger rooms while providing plenty of seating.What makes sectional sofas work in smaller spaces, however, is one counterintuitive design principle. In smaller spaces, you want to go larger with your furniture. Putting smaller pieces into the space gets tricky as you try to arrange them all so that they are facing appropriate directions, yet spaced far enough apart to not look cluttered. You actually end up using less floor space by putting in one sectional sofa, while still creating plenty of seating. So take a look below at some creative sectional sofa designs.

Bold colors

Sectional sofas are a great design element to use for getting some color into the space. Because they are such large pieces, they tend to define the space and set the tone. If you want to work with a certain color scheme, you can use the base color on the sectional sofa and work with different textures and shades in smaller pieces from there.Another option is to have a light/neutral space and only have the sectional sofa as the bold color. That will create an attractive accent color. Still another idea is to have a bold color on the sectional sofa and then choose other bold shades around the room for contrast. That style works well in artsy, boho spaces.Below are some ideas detailing bold colors in sectional sofa designs. A wonderful aspect of sectional sofas, too, is that many designs come with multiple bold color selections for whichever shade you have in mind.

Sectional Sofa Designs Blue Sofa

A deep blue sectional sofa gives depth and color to an otherwise all-white space. Image: Nanette Wong

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Sectional Sofa Designs Purple Sofa

A rich purple sofa fits in well with neutral tones and shots of cool shades. Image: Wayfair

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Sectional Sofa Designs Magenta Color

This design comes in just about whatever bold color you want. Image: apt2b

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Sectional Sofa Designs Contrast Piping

For a shot of extra color and style, consider a design with high-contrast piping. Image: apt2b

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Sectional Sofa Designs Red Color

A bold orange-red catches the eye. Image: Crate & Barrel

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Eye-catching textures

An excellent way to get some style into a space is to work with bold texture in a sectional sofa design. If you’re using multiple pieces with the same color, a way to create visual interest between the pieces is to choose different textures. (You can read more about the importance of texture here.)A common texture on furniture is deep tufting. That creates visual depth. You might also look for some fabric with bold geometric designs. Lush fabrics like the softest velvet can also create smooth visual texture, as well as being heavenly to sit on. So take a look below to discover how to incorporate different ideas for enhancing the texture of your sectional sofa.

Sectional Sofa Designs Texture Pillows

Consider a design with wild geometric pillows for visual texture. Image: Wayfair

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Sectional Sofa Designs Tufting Style

Deep tufting on the cushions adds some texture and visual interest. Image: apt2b

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Sectional Sofa Designs Throw Pillows

One idea is to get a more streamlined sofa design and create visual texture with rows and rows of throw pillows. Image: Marie Burgos Design

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Sectional Sofa Designs Blue Velvet

Rich velvet can create a luxurious visual texture with tons of depth. Image: Michel Smith Boyd

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Sectional Sofa Designs Deep Tufting White

Very deep tufting can go anywhere on the sofa. Image: Cezign

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Interesting geometry in sectional sofa designs

Another way to find a bold piece of furniture that will set the tone of the space is to look for sectional sofas with wild geometry. Some styles out there get very artistic, to the point where you have to see them to believe them because they defy description. Other styles take a more practical route by incorporating useful ottomans into a puzzle-like square design. Some geometric styles also go for a sleek, modern look that look wonderful in contemporary spaces. Take a look at the interesting sectional sofa designs with a geometric flair below.

Sectional Sofa Designs Geometric Style

This bold sectional sofa is a good choice if you’re looking for a truly unique style. Image: Wayfair

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Sectional Sofa Designs Round Style

Rounded sectional sofas are great for creating cozy sitting areas. Image: IMI Design

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Sectional Sofa Designs Sleek Style

The sleek, minimalistic geometry of this sofa would work well in a modern space. Image: Wayfair

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Sectional Sofa Designs Ottoman Puzzle

This puzzle design with a removable ottoman is functional and stylish. Image: Wayfair

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Sectional Sofa Designs Modern Style

This sleek black leather design fits perfectly into modern spaces. Image: Wayfair

Shop These Products Now: Leather Sectional SofaTufted Coffee TableThese interesting, unique sectional sofa designs could be the key topdating your living room. Do any of them stand out to you? Let us know in the comments!

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