Unconventional Christmas Tree Ideas for a Contemporary Holiday Theme

The tree is the most important piece of decor for the Christmas holiday, and we have some unconventional inspiration coming your way. The selection includes DIY, rustic, space-saving, contemporary, and avant-garde Christmas trees and all have something in common: they’re big on imagination.

Get inspired by our Christmas tree ideas, and add one (or a combination of several) to your living room, bedroom, office, or anywhere a little Christmas cheer is required.

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Here are some contemporary Christmas tree ideas:

Cardboard Christmas Trees

Cardboard Christmas Trees


Shelf Christmas Trees

Shelf Christmas Tree

Rakic / Shutterstock

Unconventional DIY Trees

Garland Christmas Tree

LightField Studios / Shutterstock

Mallmo / Shutterstock

VCoscaron / Shutterstock

Christmas Trees for Book Lovers

Book Christmas Tree

Katvic / Shutterstock

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