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10 Simple Ways To Awaken Your Interiors With Luxe Details

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If you love the sumptuous feel of satin and smooth textiles between your fingertips or the opulent style of crystal chandeliers sparkling in your home, you probably love all things luxurious and sumptuous! Commonly referred to, as “Luxe” details are the very essence of why we enjoy the finest of materials, fabrics, furniture and interior design style in our homes. Whether you are looking to bring a few luxe details to your interiors or you want to go all out, here’s 10 simple ways to awaken your home with these gorgeous additions.

1. Liven your interiors with imported furniture and relics:

For most of us the idea of traveling the world and visiting luxurious destinations from all corners of the globe is a well sought after dream. Whether you are able to travel the world or not you can bring the luxe details into your home with imported furniture and relics that mimic luxurious pieces. From antique and vintage furniture to mirrors, artwork and one-of-a-kind sculptures, nothing says luxe better than gorgeous imported furniture.

2. Larger size doesn’t always mean better for luxe urban-goers

We often equate larger size for meaning better but when it comes to luxe living don’t overlook posh small urban lofts and homes that can be worth more than a country sprawling estate. Bring luxe living into your small urban apartment by maximizing every square foot with luxurious designer materials, finishes, artwork and furniture that has been hand-selected for your specific taste and urban dwelling.

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3. Visit design centers in your area for luxe finds:

If you don’t know where to find showroom & designer quality furniture that oozes luxurious appeal for your interiors consider visiting design centers in your area. Design centers are ideal because they often get small quantities of furniture that won’t be seen everywhere. They also are able to order or showcase the latest designs from designers who cater to higher-end clientele with special designer lines and offerings for your home.

4. Custom artisan details made just for your home

If you are tired of seeing the same furnishings and home decor as options for your home, why not commission an artisan to create custom pieces(s) for your home? Whether you have a spot over your fireplace that you’d like a gorgeous piece of artwork with colors from your interiors or you need an eye-catching sculpture for your foyer entrance, an artisan can create exactly what you want. From lighting and furniture to artwork and outdoor home installations a custom piece for your home can be the ultimate in luxe details.

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5. Kitchen finishes and appliances with luxe appeal

Your kitchen is perhaps the most expensive room of your home when it comes to finishes, appliances and state of the art technology. Another way to bring luxe details into your home is with a gourmet kitchen that features top of the line kitchen appliances with unique design features as well as finishes you won’t see in most common homes. Custom cabinetry made specifically for your kitchen along with imported and luxury tile, wood, metals and professional grade kitchen appointments can bring your kitchen into the showstopper category. Look to unique metallic finishes to add extra pizazz to your interiors.

6. The finest of textiles for your luxe home interiors

Fabrics are one of the most tactile additions to your home’s interior that your hands, body and soul can relate to. They offer comfort, security, and beauty and can create a luxe design aesthetic that sets the mood for your room. Pair up with your favorite interior designer to plan your window treatments, furniture, accent throw pillows and carpet to utilize a customized color and design scheme for your interiors. From cashmere and silk to imported and handmade textiles the possibilities are endless.


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7. Bring influences from your favorite luxe hotel stays

There is nothing more sumptuous than slipping into a cozy bed adorned with luxury linens and posh pillows to make you feel like royalty! Bring luxe details from the finest of hotels into your master suite and master bathroom with plush towels, imported bed linen, and a designer custom bed to match your interiors couldn’t be finer. If you’re in the process of remodeling your bedroom, opt for divided areas of privacy similar to luxe hotels worldwide. A sitting or parlor room area, a main bedroom and a terrace or balcony extending off of your room to the outdoors could make your bedroom the best room of your home!

8. Opulent bathroom amenities create a luxurious spa-like appeal

While you may think you’re looking into a jewelry box of rare crystal and precious gems, bathrooms with opulent finishes are a gorgeous way to bring luxe appeal into your bathroom. From crystal, gold and platinum plated vanity sinks and plumbing fixtures to state of the art showering and bathing innovation, your bathroom can be the sanctuary you’ve always wanted. Look to your bathroom to add flat screen televisions, mini-kitchens, fireplaces and more with technology that is remote and smart phone operated for your luxe home.

9. Innovative technology for the modern luxe home

Luxe details don’t just have to be decorative. In our modern day homes of smart technology there is an increasing need for homes that match our demanding lifestyles. From state of the art media rooms for family and friends to watch movies and entertain, to luxury gadgets that offer controls of our heating/cooling, security and even window treatments, there is no limit to how much innovation your home can feature. Ask an audio-visual professional or smart home consultant to see what amenities will work best in your home.

10. Visit international home design fairs when they come to your area

Don’t forget that luxe interiors and innovative technology can be found where you least expect it. Check to see when the next market or technology convention is set for your hometown. Major metropolitan cities often have international technology, housewares, and design fairs that bring top designers and brands to feature the latest luxe trends for your home. Look to them for inspiration for your home!

Freshome reader’s we’d love to know what luxe amenitiyou love in your home.

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