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Mattress Comparison: Casper vs. Leesa

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Adults need seven or more hours of sleep per night for their health and well being. If your current mattress isn’t cutting it, you might want to try a Casper or Leesa all-foam bed-in-a-box mattress, both of which have been said to improve users’ sleep experience.

Are you having trouble deciding between the two? Here’s a side-by-side comparison of Casper vs. Leesa to help you decide which is right for you. Now’s the time to boost your mattress knowledge and make a decision you can sleep soundly on.

The Casper Original Mattress vs. the Leesa Original Mattress

It’s essential to compare “apples to apples” to avoid confusion on features, benefits, and perks. While both Casper and Leesa offer hybrid models, this article focuses on the original all-foam models from both companies.

Let’s look at what these mattresses are made of:

  • The Casper Original Mattress has three layers of certified CertiPUR-US foam. The top layer, known as the Airscape, is a breathable premium polyurethane foam. Zoned support memory foam provides the second layer. The final layer is a durable base of polyurethane foam engineered to prevent sagging and sinking. This 11-inch mattress utilizes its Airscape technology to keep you sleeping cool throughout the night.
  • The Leesa Original Mattress has three layers of CertiPUR-US-certified foam encased in a removable twill fabric cover. The top layer is 2 inches of breathable cooling foam. The second layer has contouring memory foam that provides pressure relief. The final layer provides a 6-inch core support foam base. This 10-inch mattress provides cooling relief with its top layer of breathable foam.

What about comfort?

  • The Casper Mattress is rated by Casper as “firm.” The perforated, breathable foam helps reduce heat — a nemesis for hot sleepers. Amazon customers say they found their back, neck, and shoulder pain alleviated after sleeping on the mattress — some reviewers on Casper’s website even likened their experience to sleeping on a cloud as the memory foam adapts and molds around the body.
  • The Leesa Mattress is rated as medium-firm, ranking five to seven on a firmness level of one to 10. Some Amazon customers say they found the Leesa Original to be firm, but still form-fitting and supportive, aiding in the relief of body pain. Customers on Leesa’s website say the Original mattress provides a consistently cool sleeping temperature throughout the night.

Pro Tip: Mattresses are traditionally rated as soft, medium, or firm. Keep in mind that comfort and firmness (or lack thereof) are different for each sleeper, so take advantage of Casper’s and Leesa’s 100-night free trial.

How much do these mattresses cost?

For a side-by-side comparison of Capser and Leesa mattress prices, see the chart below:

Casper Mattress Size Casper Price (MSRP) Leesa Price (MSRP)
Twin $595 $699
Twin XL $695 $749
Full $995 $799
Queen $1,095 $874
King $1,295 $1,049
CAL King $1,295 $1,049

*Pricing as of 05/04/2020

Are there any notable shopping perks?

Both Casper and Leesa offer abundant shopping perks that benefit the customer, the community, and the environment.

Casper benefits

Casper shoppers can take advantage of frequent promotions and discounts. Offers vary, so you may want to sign up for their newsletter to hear about mattress sales and other promotions early. If you answer a short survey, you could save $125 that can be applied to any Casper purchase of $1,250 or more.

Casper offers free shipping, delivery, and returns. The company also offers a “best sleep of your life or your money back” 100-night trial and a 10-year limited warranty. Order online or take a test nap in one of Casper’s 2,000 stores nationwide.

According to their site, Casper “believes that improving the way the world sleeps also means improving our communities and our impact on the planet.” Partnered with organizations including Sense of Home and International Rescue Committee, Casper has donated over 70,000 sleep products to those in need of a place to sleep. Old sheets, bedding, and pillows can be recycled at select Casper stores in an effort to lessen environmental impact.

Leesa benefits

Leesa’s shoppers can take advantage of frequent promotions and sales. But similarly to Casper, deals and pricing can change, so sign up for Leesa’s newsletter to stay up to date on promotions and offers. No matter what, you can shop with confidence as Leesa provides a 100-night mattress trial, a 10-year warranty, 0% financing options, free shipping in three to six days, and no-hassle returns. Leesa also offers a White Glove Delivery option for $150, which includes delivery to the room of your choice, set up, and the disposal of packaging and your old mattress by a two-person team.

Leesa’s slogan is “Makers of good,” which harkens to the company’s social impact program. For every ten mattresses sold, Leesa donates one mattress to charity. Since its inception, Leesa has donated over 36,000 mattresses to organizations and shelters. And as a B Corp certification, Leesa is committed to the highest principles of environmental and social impact.

What are people saying about these mattresses?

The Casper Original Mattress reviews

J.D. Power’s 2019 Mattress Satisfaction Report ranks Casper as the second-highest in customer satisfaction among bed-in-a-box mattresses. Architectural Digest deemed it “the perfect mattress according to architectural science.” Customers appear to agree, giving Casper more than 27,000+ 5-star customer reviews.

The Leesa Original Mattress reviews

With over 19,650 reviews, the Leesa mattress received a 4.5 out of 5 stars, 13,000+ of which were 5-star customer reviews. Customers recommend the Leesa as an excellent mattress for side and back sleepers as it relieves pressure points.

Casper vs. Leesa pros and cons

The Casper Original Mattress

Pros Cons
  • Zoned memory foam provides softer support under the shoulders and firmer support for the lower back and waist
  • Mattress regains its volume in one hour after unboxing
  • Generous 100-night sleep trial period
  • Attractive price point
  • A boxed mattress is heavy and may be difficult for one person to move into the bedroom (approximate weight of the Casper queen mattress is 87 pounds)
  • Additional fee for in-home setup
  • Customers consistently noted an initial odor after unboxing (which can be common for memory foam mattresses)
  • Slightly more expensive than Leesa

The Leesa Original Mattress

Pros Cons
  • Memory foam recovery layer delivers consistent pressure relief
  • Mattress regains volume in three to four hours after unboxing
  • Generous 100-night sleep trial period
  • Attractive price point
  • Slightly more affordable than Casper
  • A boxed mattress is heavy and may be difficult for one person to move into the bedroom (approximate weight of the Leesa Original queen mattress is 76 pounds).
  • Additional fee for White Glove Delivery
  • Customers consistently noted an initial odor after unboxing (which can be common for memory foam mattresses)

Pro Tip: Be sure to place the mattress where you want it located before opening the box.

Frequently asked questions

Which is better: Leesa vs. Casper?

In analyzing the two, we found that the features, feel, perks, and pros and cons are extremely similar. We recommend creating a list of your personal mattress must-haves and analyzing both Casper and Leesa based on those needs.

Do Casper and Leesa offer other types of mattresses? 

Casper offers three mattress options: the Original, the Element, and the Wave Hybrid. Leesa also offers three mattress options: the Original, the Hybrid, and the Legend.

What is the difference between Casper and Leesa mattresses? 

While both Casper and Leesa are foam mattresses, Casper’s second layer of zoned memory foam provides softer support under the shoulders with firmer support around the lower back and waist area. Leesa’s memory foam recovery layer delivers consistent pressure relief.

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