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Bring The Outdoors In With Our Favorite Ways To Display House Plants

Boho living room with house plants
Followtheflow / Shutterstock

Indoor plants not only make your living space more inviting and luxurious, they also make your home’s air healthier. Check out some of our favorite ways to freshen up your home décor with a touch of green.

ComforterNASA’s Clean Air Study found that house plants, “…may provide a natural way of removing toxic agents from the air, helping neutralize the effects of sick building syndrome.”  Ten modern, air-filtering, long-living houseplants include:

  • Dracaena
  • Spider plant
  • Fig
  • Devil’s ivy
  • Lady palm
  • Ficus
  • Aloe vera
  • Succulents
  • Peace lily
  • Snake plant

Here are some beautifully modern ideas for displaying house plants of any shape and size.

The best ways to display indoor plants

Hanging house plants from the ceiling

Two indoor ferns hang over dining table / Shutterstock

Filled with ferns, a pair of hanging planters creates a unique look over the dining table.

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Small wooden desk with house plants on shelves and hanging from ceiling
Followtheflow / Shutterstock

A macrame hanging pot holder is a great way to display house plants without sacrificing counter space.

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A corner of house plants

Three succulents in glass vases hanging in corner
bezikus / Shutterstock

A room’s corner is the perfect place for hanging house plants.

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Bedroom filled with house plants
Roman King / Shutterstock

If hanging house plants isn’t possible in you corner of choice, consider adding a bookshelf or rack for your house plants.

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Wall-mounted house plant display

Wooden shelf with mixed house plants
rattiya lamrod / Shutterstock

A wooden shelf holds a collection of house plants. Try varying the heights of the plants, or adding one vine-style hanging plant to the mix.

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Potted cacti, clock, and picture frame in wall niches
New Africa / Shutterstock

The unique wall hanging system for plants in this home includes niches for planters to sit in.

Planter ideas

Indoor fig tree in white modern planter in the corner of a staircase
Anan_R / Shutterstock

A large fig does very well in an ornamental planter, located in a bright corner.

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Vintage style kitchen filled with indoor plants
SoNelly / Shutterstock

Check out the unique planters in this home, including a basket for the cactus.

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A rack of house plants

Room filled with indoor plants on shelves
New Africa / Shutterstock

Group a collection of low-maintenance indoor plants, such as aloe and succulents, on a narrow shelf for impact.

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House plant boxes

Bedroom filled with indoor plants, homemade boxes used as planters
Pixel-Shot / Shutterstock

A homemade wooden box makes the perfect planter for indoor-friendly vines.

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Window house plant displays

Indoor plant in basket planter on windowsill
stock_studio / Shutterstock

Placing plants on the windowsill is a good way to capitalize on the natural sunshine from a window.

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Plants hanging in window of a house
red mango / Shutterstock

For a beautiful display of indoor plants, hang small pots at varying heights near a window. Or, create a collection of plants by placing them on a floating shelf near the light source.

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The bottom line

You don’t have to have a green thumb or an interior design degree to bring a beautiful touch of nature indoors. All you need is a little inspiration and the right house plants to make it happen.

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