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This Brazilian Bachelor Pad Explores Soft Industrial Masculine Style

This São Paulo bachelor pad is an industrial-style loft designed by Diego Revollo for a young single lawyer. The Brazilian designer was imagined to represent the owner’s personality by providing him with an open, elegant and modern Industrial Loft. The design is based on a non-traditional masculine style, where sophisticated dark hues meet comfortable displays of subtle luxury.

Occupying 100 square meters, the loft’s sense of space was achieved by using burned cement bricks to compose a uniform space that climbs up to the ceiling and continues to be shaped along the mezzanine walls. This cement display was coated with a special impermeable resin for water protection. Living spaces downstairs are composed of high-ceiling living space flooded with light from a glass wall and the kitchen and integrated dining space. A stair leads to the mezzanine, where this semi-private space displays an outspoken combination of bedroom, bathroom, and closet. This was the perfect solution to enlarging the area and offer completion of the downstairs living space.

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