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25 of the Most Creative Carpet Designs for Playful Interiors

Choosing the right carpet for an interior can be a real drag. There is a large variety of models and sizes to pick from and the final decision can really make all the difference for the look of a room. Today we will try to offer you something different: a selection not necessarily based on extreme elegance, but rather a collection of ideas that have to do with humour and extreme originality. You already know some of them, as they were presented on Freshome a while back. Discover them, pick your favourite and then give us your feedback and share your witty comments.

  • Tapistongs comes from Lise El Sayed and is a lovely rug that can fit wonderfully in a modern living room. Its originality comes from the fact that the rug is not whole, but has four footprints where the two matching pairs of slippers should be. When we first featured this post on Freshome, we raised a topic for discussion. Even though the odd shoes look great next to the rug, the are unlikely to stay there all the time. And if the owners of this rug wear the slippers constantly, will they not wear off a lot faster than the carpet itself?
  • This Hopscotch Carpet is a delightful interior addition for children who will find a reason to jump, no matter how frightful the weather outside is. It is truly an enjoyable carpet idea, even for grown-ups. The Hopscotch Rug can be purchased from CB2 for 199$.
  • Of all the crazy ideas presented on Freshome, you probably saw something like this coming. Designed by Nate Siverstein and Andrea Paustenbaugh, these shoelaces rugs are incredibly fun and original. If you like this idea, there is nothing stopping you from buying a whole bunch of shoelaces and tying them together in order to create a playful flooring design item. Cats would certainly go for them.
  • From Bev Hisey, The Sightlines Carpet can act as a reminder for the next eye-check-up. Or it can be used as a way to control your sight in the comfort of your own home. Either way, it is a fun and unique idea fit for a minimalist interior.
  • The Rug with Landscape Relief was designed by Laurens van Wieringen and feels comfortable and fun to walk on. It is perfect for kids who can play on it, play with it and also learn a few things with the help of their parents. Colorful and friendly, this rug is made of tiny foam-bars, some bigger than the others, which give shape to a miniature landscape.
  • This unique rug design comes from by JAB Anstoetz and is made from merino wool, having a soft and inviting look. The yarn was transformed into a cool and playful tubular configuration. The innovative “tubes” are placed on a solid and resistant base. Lasa Carpet is available in five colors and you can contact the designer for information about purchasing here.
  • The Dune Seating/sleeper Rug has a double function: a sofa cover and a carpet. When visitors come over, seating with friends on the floor while resting your back from the couch is another interesting idea. This is an original design, but one that we find difficult when it comes to maintenance. What do you think of it?- via Trendhunter
  • This unusual “Flying Carpet” was created by Seyed Alavi and it is actually an aerial view of the famous Sacramento River. The giant rug connects the Sacramento International Airport terminal with the airport parking garage. We think this is a very inspired idea for its location and we are looking forward to these type of creative designs being implemented worldwide. -via gizmag
  • The Imperial Puzzle Rug combines ten synthetic “puzzle pieces” in order to form a unique product. Playful and fun, this home addition adds a plus of originality and style. Its colors are simple, fit for a contemporary interior. This rug is being sold online here, for the price of $ 89.00.
  • “Grand Grand Splatch” or the “Swimmin Pool Rug” is perfect for a room with a water theme. In any case, the interior within which it is integrated must be tasteful and have a simple color palette. This idea comes from Puspam and is a treat for anyone in search of an unconventional carpet. -via Maad
  • Love the look of a parquet floor but would still like to take advantage of the softness that a carpet provides? Here is a solution. The Fake Wood Carpet feels like a common rug, but flower patterns and straight lines have been replaced here with a model that resembles wood parquet. Isn’t this idea crazy enough to be used at a large scale? -via Trendhunter
  • How much do you like eating meat? We imagine that for vegetarians, these Salami Carpets are the only way they would let meat into their homes. Designed by German studio Flachbild, these unusual products are knitted from wool and have a soft feel. They definitely would not fit well in an elegant environment, but more in a unconventional interior with a strong personality. -via Geek Giz
  • The Piano Rug belongs to Amazed and is a great idea for anyone working in the fascinating field of music. Still, this rug is so elegant and anyone interested in this domain, not necessarily practicing it, would appreciate it. Featuring piano keys, this black and white carpet would go nicely in a large contemporary living room.
  • The Global Warming Rug is not only very cute- we dare you say that you don’t like polar bears !- but also makes a statement. According to NEL, this unusual carpet “contrasts the comfort and softness of a rug with a thorny problem that is specific to our time and invites us to reflect on our impact on today’s world“. A project with sustainability, this design will not raise the problem of global warming in the user’s mind just once, but everytime he or she sees this product or steps on it.
  • When I first saw this carpet, my reaction was “ouch !”. Why would you willingly have something in your home that reminded you of a very unpleasant type of pain- ironically enough with every step you take? Still, the Plaster Carpet remains an original idea for anyone willing to transform their room into a wacky living space. via Geek Giz
  • The  “Comb Over” carpet by Meirav Barzilay has a very odd idea behind it, but looks very fun. Inspired by the hairstyle “comb over” which bald man usually use, this carpet looks willingly messy but could act as a good bed when in need of an unconventional nap.-via Home Tone
  • The Zipper Rug is an ingenious solutions for those who want their floor “remodeled” from time to time. This carpet is made from modular pieces connected together using zippers. This idea is very useful when considering cleaning, hiding wires efficiently and so on. Last time we checked, the price for this particular product was $915. But since you already know the idea behind it, perhaps you can improvise.  -via Makezine
  • The Sound Carpet was designed by Lim Hyuntaik and has a unique characteristic: it can also be used as a sound system. Hiding the clutter which the common speakers usually come with (plenty of wires), this original mat integrates the system in its four raised corners, leaving plenty of space for the user to relax in the middle. -via Furncraft
  • The Football Field Rug is perfect for all the football fans and there are definitely many of them out there, especially with the Football World Championship Final coming up. It was designed by Karin Mannerstål for Kateha and is made from wool. The miniature soccer field could make for a great present and it can fit well into a variety of interiors.
  • Confusion is a slick and simple idea that creates a disruption in the overall look of a room. The unexpected carpet corner offers the illusion that the rest of the rug can be found behind the wall. This crazy idea comes from Pravdoliub Ivanov and could really cheer up a dull interior.
  • Have you ever thought that a rug could be so noisy that it might even wake someone up ? This ingenious “Wake Up and Walk” Mat contains an alarm clock which can only be stopped by stepping on it. It is known that by walking in the morning, you are likely to feel sharp and ready for a new day a lot faster than if you stay in bet a while longer. This is the purpose of this mat: to wake you up immediately after the buzzer. Sounds sadistic or practical ?
  • Here is something that you don’t see everyday. The Breakfast Eggs Rug is a highly original carpet design which acts more like a fluffy seating item than a rug. The yolks are actually cushions that look extremely huggable- eatable as well. This design looks great, but it is not all that practical, as the white part is likely to get very dirty in time. What do you think? Is it worth the effort of cleaning it everytime? This rug is called “Sunny Side Up” and was designed by Valentina Audrito. -via Worley Gig
  • Some people like to sleep with the lights open- it is really not our business why. However, we will offer an alternative. Light Carpet comes from Imu Design and was created by Johanna Hyrkas. Its design is quite simple and it looks just about right for the children’s’ room. When the night approaches, the unconventional carpet can be plugged in and it will shine, creating a soft light.
  • The Tree Ring Carpet comes from Floor to Heaven and looks like a ring belonging to a giant tree. Made from a very soft material, this rug is extremely comfortable and its simple color goes well in a variety of modern interiors. Its size is considerable, so no other carpets would be necessary once this beautiful rug is installed. We think this would really go great in an artist’s room, due to its originality and unconventional design.
  • These Sewer Mats were made from recycled truck tires and make for some wacky and fun carpets. Designed by Jason Amendolara, the mats feature reproductions of famous city sewers, such as Chicago, London, Paris. This is a cool idea that can be implemented outdoors as well as inside a home, in order to spice up the look of the hallway for example. These unusual carpets can be purchased online here for the sum of $25.

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