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Practical Lighting Size and Placement Guide for Every Corner of the House [Infographic]

Dear Freshome readers, we know your are constantly on the lookout for practical design solutions and we enjoy delivering them to you. The FurnishedUp Blog recently unveiled a lighting size&placement guide which we find extremely useful. Weather you’re an interior designer gathering lighting ideas or a home owner in search for optimizing a certain room design, this photo below makes for a wonderful tool. So… how large should your fixture be, where should you place it and how high should it go?

As you can see, the infographic answers these three key questions elegantly by offering practical solutions adapted to all interiors of the house. We found out for example that lighting above a kitchen island is imperative for safety as well as aesthetics and that it is advisable that three fixtures be placed 72 inches above the floor or 24-34 inches above the counter-top. Or that a more recent twist to bathroom lighting is to use pendants in the same way as sconces. We invite you to go over the infographic and let us know if you have any further useful tips for lighting placement!