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Playful and Provocative Wooden Safe Box Inspired by Clock Gears: mr.knox

Montserrat Pérez / EyeEm / Getty Images

A safe deposit box may inspire many things, but it is not exactly the type of item you would like to have around for an inviting, homey feel. Envisioned and implemented by Utrecht-based furniture designer Stephan Siepermann, mr.knox cabinet is “a funny translation of a heavy steel safe box into a smart and playful wooden piece of furniture”. The wooden safe locker displays a friendly look, making the object easily adaptable to a variety of modern interiors with a twist. Additionally, the opening and closing system inspired by clock gears is provocative for anyone happening to take a sneak peek at it.

According to the designer’s description, the CNC cut gears fit perfectly together which enables the closing system to work exact as its steel example. The cabinet is 99,9% safe and it is delivered together with a beautiful ‘gold’bar of 99,9% oakwood. mr.knox comes in a standard size of 60 x102 x 45 cm and is currently available for purchase, at a price of €999,99 (probably a good reflection of the extensive work put into the design). Be sure to have a look at the video uploaded at the end of the post and find out more about the making-of process!

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