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Palm Springs: Your Hot Spot for Mid-Century Modern Design

"The San Jacinto Mountains are seen in this scenic view in Palm Springs, California. The city is famous for it's many Mid-Century Modern architectural style homes such as the ones in the foreground. California Fan Palm Trees are seen throughout the area, planted when the homes were built. Coachella Valley, Riverside County, Southern California, Western USA.

JayLazarin/ Getty Images

Mid-century modern is a trend that’s here to stay. You can thank “Mad Men” or our parents’ hand-me-downs, but either way, this style has taken up residence in homes across America. Nowhere is that more apparent than in Palm Springs. In fact, in Palm Springs, mid-century modern styling isn’t a return to anything; it’s honoring a style that never really left.

Palm Springs has historically attracted a huge range of stars, from Frank Sinatra to Liberace. And who can blame them for choosing this spot? The warm weather, palm-lined streets and myriad of pools make it quintessential Southern California. Although it’s been decades since the Rat Pack called it home, Palm Springs still embodies that nostalgic mid-century glamour.

Today, the area celebrates its fashionable heritage in a number of ways, from flat-roofed homes to Modernism Week in the fall. If you’re looking for some of the best mid-century architecture and decor in the country, look no further than this desert community.

Here are 11 stunning examples of mid-century modern design in Palm Springs:

outdoor pool

Scott Van Dyke/ Getty Images

Low angle shot of a royal blue suede mid century modern 4 seater sofa and teak coffee table. Set in a modern apartment living room complete with mid century furnishings, moroccan rug and potted plants.

captainsecret/ Getty Images

retro mid century living room

RCWW, Inc./ Getty Images

Scandinavian styled dining room and open plan kitchen with patio outlook

jodiejohnson/ Getty Images

Coffee table with glass and sectional sofa

Julien McRoberts/ Getty Images

Luxury Tropical Modern Island Home Exterior With Swimming Pool.

ShutterWorx/ Getty Images

Scott Van Dyke/ Getty Images

Orange red kitchen cabinets in island bench in modern luxury Australian home

jodiejohnson/ Getty Images

interior space of a mid-century modern house with big windows that allows natural light

dpproductions/ GEtty Images

Mid-century modern living space with plants, large windows and a spacious room

dpproductions/ Getty Images

What do you think? Will you be heading to Modernism week in October to see more mid-century styling fithand?