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Decorating Tricks to Make Your New House Welcoming and Cozy

Modern interior design - living room with gray tile flooring
Modern interior design - living room with gray tile flooring

Jacek Kadaj/ Getty Images

Moving into a new house usually takes some time to adjust. But with a minimum amount of effort, the transition from one comfort zone to the next can be smooth and pleasant. Today’s post will present some decorating tips and tricks that should convert your new home into an oasis of relaxation for both you and your guests. You will find plenty of similar helpful tips on Start Fresh, a website exploring the benefits of newly built homes.

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Think Comfortably- Fashionable

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Admit it-there isn’t a single day that goes by without you stumbling across an incredible furniture piece. That fantastic red sofa spotted in a design magazine or the elegant armchair seen in a showroom on your way to work call out to you and slowly determine the need for possession. But a cozy home is not entirely about looks; it is mostly related to how furniture can enhance that sense of sweet familiarity.

When testing a seating item for your new house, can you imagine yourself curled up in it with a good book and feeling all weight lifting off your shoulders? If that is not the case, perhaps you should keep searching. Ideally, furniture should pay tribute to both comfort and style. But if coziness is what you are after, a tiny compromise in aesthetics may prove to be a good idea in the long term.

The Magic of Touch

Linka A Odom/ Getty Images

One of the simplest tricks for a more welcoming home is… texture. Surround yourself with things you would like to touch. Fluffy carpets, wavy wallpapers or smooth wooden furniture- all these can be easily integrated in a modern room, making it feel less rigid and perfectly comfortable. Moreover, when dealing with a large room, the proper use of fabric and texture can reduce the scale and provide the much wanted sense of coziness.

Welcome Furniture Diversity

Picture of a domestic sofa in the living room. Render image.

Aleksandra Zlatkovic/ Getty Images

Buying a large furniture set with everything in it may be the easiest way of filling up a room, but it is not always the most suited. You probably do not want your new home looking like a showroom, and believe it or not this will probably be the output of buying all your items from a single place. Do not be afraid of mixing things up a little, even if this means having different styles lined up. Diversity is the key to a vivid interior, one that stirs you up visually and that will probably appeal to your guests also. If you consider the overall result harmonious and enjoy being a part of it, your friends probably will too.

Make Good Use of Warm Colors

Garden patio decorated with Scandinavian wicker sofa and coffee table

KatarzynaBialasiewic/ Getty Images

It is no longer a secret that colors have the subtle ability to elicit various emotions and moods, making this design sector particularly interesting. You should know that while cooler colors like blue, purple and dark green can visually enhance a room, warmer tones such as peach-orange, brown and red can make a space feel more compact and therefore, more inviting. Just look how the generously-sized interior in the photo below is significantly “reduced” by adding curtains with an orange and red flower pattern next to the red sofas and yellow wall!

Multiple Sources of Lighting

asbe/ Getty Images

We often neglect the magical effects lighting can have on a room. It may seem strange, but with just a few fixtures in the right place, a room can easily appear bigger, taller longer, or… cozier. So what is it about lighting that can make a place more inviting than the next? It all breaks down to the simple act of repetition. In order to reduce the scale of a room, consider placing several table lamps around, for an intimate atmosphere. You should only use a ceiling light for larger gatherings or formal events.

Attention to Detail

Westend61/ Getty Images

Small things like candles, funny plush toys or a book in the right place can give you a nice feeling of calm, but attention to detail can do wonders when having people over. A lot of people waste time and energy in making their house spotless and picture-perfect before the arriving of guests. Naturally, cleaning is good, but keep in mind that friends come over to visit you, not to inspect your home. Small things like fresh flowers spread around the house, a glass bedside carafe in their bedroom and the latest number of their favorite magazine on their bedside table are likely to make their stay more welcoming than a super-tidy corner that they are not going to stumble upon anyway.


Pollyana Ventura/ Getty Images

Soothing background jazz music, dim lighting from various sources, plenty of cushions to choose from and armchairs that allow you to dive in softness- just some ideas to consider when setting up a welcoming atmosphere in your new home for yourself or your friends. Add a glowing fireplace light and your place is ready for a perfect cozy evening.

Surround Yourself with the Things You Love

Picture of cozy armchair in the living room. Render image.

Aleksandra Zlatkovic/ Getty Images

When planing on moving into a new house, the things you love should take center stage. Your home must primarily reflect who you are and the rest will slowly fall into place. That old collection of vinyl records, the painting you received during your art camp or those funny hats you love so much-  simple things that come with precious memories. Find a way to integrate them in the design of your new crib and you will see how quickly space will gain personality and warmth. Know any other tips for making a new home feel cozy and inviting? Feel free to share them in the comments section below and let’s get the conversation started!

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