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15 Stone Fireplace Ideas for a Cozy, Nature-Inspired Home

stone fireplace
Andrea Rugg/ Getty Images
stone fireplace

Andrea Rugg/ Getty Images

Are you having problems coming up with design ideas for your fireplace? If you are looking to allure nature indoors, installing a stone fireplace could be a step in the right direction. For today we gathered 15 ideas that can help you bring warmth into your crib, the elegant way. Quality stone veneer can easily transform any common home corner into one filled with personality. Applying this method when it comes to fireplace surfaces can have a rewarding aesthetic effect- just check out some of the photos below for inspiration. It is difficult for a free-standing fireplaces not to capture attention. Add a stone finish, and it is likely to become the focal point of the room; you will certainly recognize this situation in some of the interiors below. Color is also an important factor to consider. You can decide to go with a stone fireplace to match the overall tone of the room, or pick a hue to contrast it- either way, you will be happy with the result. Since our experience is limited in the field of stone fireplaces, we welcome you to share any related design ideas. What details would you take into consideration if you were to install a stone fireplace?

Beautiful living room with fireplace.

urbazon/ Getty Images

Beautiful addition in a residential home. A four season porch with floor to ceiling stone fireplace, hardwood ceiling and flooring, and arched windows.

jimkruger/ Getty Images

modern living room

laughingmango/ Getty Images

fireplace close-upPlease see some similar pictures from my portfolio:

YvanDube/ Getty Images

stone outdoor fireplace

Perry Mastrovito/ Getty Images

outdoor fireplace

chuckcollier/ Getty Images

Covered patio with fireplace.

chuckcollier/ Getty Images

Modern Living Room Interior

deliormanli/ Getty Images

interior luxury home bedroom

laughingmango/ Getty images

interior luxury home post beam log design

interior luxury home bedroom/ Getty Images

Beautiful interior of mountain home nestled in aspen trees.  Photo above fireplace is photographer's own image - iStock image #23312103.   Captured as a 14-bit Raw file. Edited in 16-bit ProPhoto RGB color space.

Adventure_Photo/ Getty Images

mountain stone fireplace

EricVega/ Getty Images

Room with leather sofas and an open fireplace.

CaroleGomez/ Getty Images

stone interior fireplace

laughingmango/ Getty Images

Beautiful stone mason fireplace, flames glowing at dusk, in a large rustic home-like setting, during the autumn/fall holiday timeframe. Cozy, grand, special.

Anita Warren-Hampson/ Getty Images

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