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12 Modern Family Room Decorating Ideas For Families of All Ages

Modern bohemian style family room
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If your home has a family room or den, we’re guessing it’s probably the most popular room in the house (after the kitchen, of course!). It’s the perfect place to hang out, watch movies, play games, or just relax together.

Want to spruce up your family room, or turn an unused space into a modern family room everyone wants to spend time in together? Here are some of the most popular elements in an inviting family room:

  • A large, comfortable sofa or sectional
  • Extra chairs, ottomans, or beanbags
  • Lots of throw pillows
  • A rug, for lounging
  • A TV, and the accompanying accessories
  • A surround sound system to create a mini-theater experience
  • Video games, board games, or other entertainment
  • A billiards table, a dartboard, or other favorite lounge games
  • A small bar area, or a spot for refreshments
  • A play area for kids
  • A desk or table for games, craft, or homework

Modern family room decorating ideas

Have fun decorating your family room! You already have a living room, so infuse some personality into your den or family room, creating a space which expresses who your family really is. Make it personal with favorite photos, artwork and other objects. Make the space more vibrant by adding bold color, and make it special with a unique family theme.Here’s some modern family room decorating ideas, for inspiration. They’re stylish and polished enough for adults, yet fun and energetic enough to appeal to kids as well.

Family room decorating ideas featuring vibrant colors

Modern living room with blue teal couch
@9_fingers_ / Twenty20
Living room with bright pink couch and chair
@DariaG / Twenty20
Living room with aqua accents
@TatianaMara / Twenty20

Family rooms with fun seating

Famikly room with fun floor seating, cactus decor on wall
@artdancepr / Twenty20
Family room with swing seat
@jaclyn.simpson / Twenty20

Family rooms with a work station

Beautiful modern luxury living room with work station
Carlina Teteris / Getty Images
Modern living room with work station
Tom Merton / Getty Images

Mid-century modern family room decorating ideas

Mid century modern family room, gray couch, neutral colors
@ishutterphotography / Twenty20
Living room or reception room interior in beige color, with a soft sofa, stylish floor lamp and glass tablesr
JZhuk / Getty Images

Rustic modern family rooms

Modern rustic style family room
@djmon1que / Twenty20
Modern rustic style family room, luxury living room
Klaus Vedfelt / Getty Images
Rustic, modern, bohemian living room
Klaus Vedfelt / Getty Images

Did these family room ideas inspire you? Take your favorite elements from these ideas to add some personality to yours. Have a favorite family room design tip or idea? Leave a comment and let us know!