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12 Hot Fireplace Ideas for a Cool, Sexy Space

Contemporary Living Room with Fireplace

Roger Brooks / Getty Images

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Who says a fireplace should be enjoyed only during the winter? We’ve got some hot fireplace ideas that are bound to inspire you year round.

These contemporary fireplaces are sleek and sexy. The latest trends involve minimalistic, clean lines, timeless materials and the utmost in beauty and efficiency. To truly enjoy such a beautiful design element in a room, make your fireplace the centerpiece. Ways to achieve this include:

    • Installing accent lighting to highlight the fireplace


    • Offsetting the fireplace in a geometric design


    • Painting or tiling the fireplace wall in a bold, contrasting color


    • Adding a mantel over the fireplace


    • Adding a slab ledge for seating


If you are an apartment dweller or don’t have a wood-burning fireplace, you can still have a modern, beautiful fireplace in your home. The post The Best Electric Fireplaces to Warm Up Your Space has plenty of apartment-friendly options. Here are some of the best fireplace ideas in the design world today.

Glass Enclosure Fireplace Ideas:

Modern glass corner fireplace in the interior

Denisik11 / Getty Images

Hanging Fireplace Ideas:

Fireplace nook

Jon Lovette / Getty Images

Metal Fireplace Ideas:

Modern living room with fireplace at dusk

sot / Getty Images

Indoor Fire Pit Ideas:

interior with fireplaceWestend61 / Getty Images

Bathroom Fireplace Ideas:

Bath with Fireplace

Jon Lovette / Getty Images

TV Fireplace Wall Ideas:

alvarez / Getty Images

Bedroom Fireplace Ideas:

Architecture Stock Bed room Interior Design Photo ImagesCr8tivguy / Getty Images

Kitchen Fireplace Ideas:

home living fireplacecgnznt144 / Getty Images

Room-Dividing Fireplace Ideas:

Modern villa fireplaceExperienceInteriors / Getty Images

Round Fireplace Ideas:

fire pit on patio with couch

smodj / Getty Images

Off-Center Fireplace Ideas:

Modern Gas FireplaceRonTech2000 / Getty Images

We hope we’ve warmed you up with some inspiration. Which of these fireplace ideas would you use to update your living area?

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