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5 Unexpected Ways to Use Wood Textures in the Kitchen

Wood is a common material for kitchens, from cabinets to walls to countertops. You can also use wood textures in the kitchen in surprising ways to create some visual interest and a style all your own. You can use wood in unexpected ways or in unexpected places to make a statement in a space. So if you’re looking for something creative to do with a kitchen design, take a look at the different ways to use wood textures in the kitchen.

Wood Textures in the Kitchen Island Wood

Textured wood creates some interesting contrast against the cabinets’ gray color. Image: Stonington Cabinetry and Designs

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Match wood in interesting places

One idea is to take a highly distinctive wood texture and use it in unexpected places with high contrast. The photo above shows how the warm, textured wood from the island was also used over the cooktop area. This wood contrasts with the sleek gray cabinetry. Using a certain kind of wood for the island and extending it to other areas of the room creates design cohesion in the space.You can use this idea in a variety of ways. You could use the wood texture in the flooring to line the cabinets, for instance. Or you could use the wood texture in the chairs on the countertops. You can get as creative as you want with this idea.

Wood Textures in the Kitchen Gray Cabinets

Wood works well in modern styles. Image: Ania Stempi Design

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Combine wood with sleek, modern designs

In the photo above, we see another example of how to use wood to create an appealing contrast against cabinets. The sleek, gray cabinets look almost futuristic and the range hood style adds to the modern look, but the warm wood creates a sort of natural feel. What results is some subtle contrast using wood textures in the kitchen, helping the kitchen feel modern but not stark.The naturally textured stone countertop is serves as a nice dividing line between the modern and classic styles. The countertop has the sleek lines of updated styles but the natural stone makes it look slightly rustic. It serves as the unifying point in the style.

Wood Textures in the Kitchen Contrast Wood

Deep, saturated hues create an attractive contrast with wood textures. Image: Holmes Hole Builders

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Mix and match wood textures

There are so many wood textures out there, you can also stick to wood alone to create a contrasting style. The style in the photo above contrasts highly textured darker barn wood walls against a lighter ceiling and floor.You can see further contrast in the stainless steel refrigerator and appliances, giving this rustic space a modern touch. A blue and gray color scheme on the cabinets and kitchen area itself also juxtaposes with the surrounding natural wood. It goes to show that if you want to use wood textures in the kitchen in surprising ways, think high contrast.

Wood Textures in the Kitchen Abstract Wood

A more conceptual wood texture works well in modern spaces. Image: Scott Weston Architecture Design PL

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Go for abstract wood textures in the kitchen

What is abstract wood, exactly? The photo above shows the style on the drawers and island. Wood isn’t typically that gray, nor is it textured exactly like that. But the style still evokes a feeling of a wood texture.When paired with the bright orange minimalistic cabinets, high-gloss white backsplash and black wire chair, you have a thoroughly modern space while still being able to evoke warmth. You can also get a style like this by using an exterior addition like a kitchen cabinet vinyl wrap.

Wood Textures in the Kitchen Rustic Countertop

Go natural for some unique style. Image: SF ARC Architecture

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Use wild, rustic texture

Another idea for using unexpected wood textures in the kitchen is to go as natural as you possibly can. The photo above shows a countertop that looks like the wood was just dragged right out of the forest and thrown onto the kitchen island.When combined with the sleek white design of the rest of the kitchen, it’s another interesting high-contrast style. Warm wood floors stop the countertop from looking too out of place. You could use similar higy rustic textures in other countertop spaces or in chairs and stools, too.

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