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4 Creative Ways to Use Greenery in the Kitchen

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If you love the trend of bringing the outdoors inside, then you’ll love how modern kitchens are incorporating greenery. Vertical indoor gardens have been popular in small spaces for a while now. They allow you to grow fresh herbs right in the kitchen, whether you have an expansive space outdoors or not. You can go for a full-scale greenery wall or you can keep it more on the subtle side and opt for creative placement of potted plants. If you’d like to get a natural vibe, below are a few ways to use greenery in the kitchen.

Greenery in the Kitchen Window Backsplash

A window backsplash is a creative way to display greenery in a kitchen space. Image: Hindley & Co.

Vertical garden backsplash

This highly creative design gives an exotic look to a minimalist, modern kitchen. The effect is created with a window backsplash that looks into a vertical garden. This style works especially well when you combine a wide array of different plant textures for tons of eye-catching contrast.

What really makes this design work is that the vertical garden is surrounded by such a minimalist kitchen space. The light colors and minimal textures help the vertical garden truly become the focal point of the space. If you’re going to go through the trouble of having a vertical garden visible in the kitchen, it should steal the show.

Greenery in the Kitchen Herb Garden

Try a vertical herb garden for some rustic appeal and fresh herbs while cooking. Image: Portico Design Group

Vertical herb garden for added greenery in the kitchen

This is a common, popular design for vertical kitchen gardens. You’ll see it all over DIY sites like Pinterest and Etsy. The mason jar design on the reclaimed, distressed wood gives an attractive natural feel. The design also allows for labeling each herb with a handwritten aesthetic that adds to the rustic look while being functional.

A vertical herb garden is great for small space kitchens. As long as you have some open wall, you don’t have to take up precious counter space with an indoor herb garden. And placing it right in the kitchen means those herbs are easy to access while cooking.

Greenery in the Kitchen Potted Plants Hanging

Potted plants are a classic and easy way to get some greenery into the kitchen. Image: deVOL

Hanging potted plants

If you’d like to keep your kitchen space a little more conventional, try potted plants for some added greenery. The design in the photo above shows how hanging potted plants can enhance a kitchen space. They give an earthy, natural and slightly rustic feel, like you’re an herbalist living in a woodland cottage. As such, this style works well for country, rustic, natural and other bucolic looks.

In addition to hanging potted plants, you might also try placing them on the counters to add some cohesion to the space. The photo above also shows how some classic plant life diagrams can help add to the naturalistic feel.

Greenery in the Kitchen Wide Window Design

Large, wide windows can help the garden visually contribute to the greenery in the kitchen. Image: Chris Snook

Vertical garden with wide windows

The design in the photo above proves that using greenery in the kitchen doesn’t mean you have to have all your greenery actually in the kitchen. The wide windows open to natural shrubbery, adding to the natural feel of the kitchen itself. (In fact, there are many ways to use window views to boost your interior spaces.)

In order to bring the look inside, a subtle vertical garden sits on the wall of the kitchen. Groupings of potted plants to the left and on the countertops keep the feel of natural beauty evenly balanced in the room.

This is another design that juxtaposes the natural feel with a sleek, minimalistic space defined by neutral tones. Again, the design makes sure that nothing truly competes with all the plant life.

Are you looking to add greenery to the kitchen? Which of the aboideas catches your eye?

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