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How to Decorate Interiors With High Ceilings

Living room
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Living room

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Decorating interiors with high ceilings imply a high dose of creativity. Building personality for a room with tall walls is neither difficult nor more challenging than dealing with common-sized rooms. After all, home space is a gift no matter how you look at it and you should not be reluctant to use it. In this post, we will share some tips&tricks to help you out in your upcoming projects. Master these simple guidelines and let your imagination do the rest.

Rule of thirds

Just like in art and photography, visually splitting a wall into three equal parts when decorating will guarantee balance and ultimately, success. From the bottom up, try imagining your room as having three different “design levels”. You can adorn the first with judges paneling, use the second for paintings and leave the third as it is. This is just a random example; as the photos below will show, the possibilities are endless. Furniture should also be placed within the bottom third. The idea is to create focal points and to diminish the intimidating feel of high ceilings.

High ceiling in living room

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You don’t have to spend a lot of money on lighting fixtures to give your interiors a special vibe and this is also true when it comes to rooms with high ceilings. But lighting can make a bold statement and you should definitely pay a lot of time and attention to this subject. We noticed lighting spots are very popular these days. We are a fan of chandeliers, as we believe they are a great way to add elegance to a tall living room, kitchen, or bedroom. You can also use lighting to subtly divide areas. For example, three chandeliers in the living room can visually separate the lounge area, kitchen, and dining space.

Dining room

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Frames, paintings and graphic art

When dealing with high ceilings, paintings are not just optional, they are a must. Why? Because they add life , elegance and nobility. Not all appreciate the soberness of an art gallery effect, so the best idea is to arrange your graphic art the way you want. In order to reduce the overwhelming architectural impression of tall walls, place the paintings at eye level. Otherwise, enjoy the majestic effect of highlighting space through art!

Living room

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Accent walls

Color is always a good way to accentuate height and help bring drama to the space. By painting a single wall in a bold color, the high ceiling and other unpainted walls will automatically be connected at a different level. The space will get a fresh look and a unique personality.


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Curtains can add that homey feel a tall space needs so much. You can try models that cover the entire wall, or just two thirds of it (less recommended). White curtains will ensure a breezy feel, red will bring in extra energy and darker hues will add an intriguing sense of drama. Black materials will also contribute to the idea of shrinking the room and make it more cozy, if that is what you are after. For cohesion, be sure to repeat the color of the drapes somewhere else in the space. A patterned design, although a bit more difficult to integrate, will ensure diversity and visual appeal.

Antique furniture in room

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Exposed Wooden Beams

We are intrigued (read that pleasantly surprised) by the growing popularity of exposed wooden beams. On a design stage where minimalism and functionality are main actors, it is nice to see elements that bring personality back into the game. But what are the effects of wooden beams in a tall interior? Mainly, they can reduce the scale, making the room feel more comfortable and friendly. Some use fake ceilings to bring the room down, we prefer this solution instead. As you can see in the photo below, the rest of the interior does not have to be decorated in a rustic style. Wooden beams can be successfully integrated in a contemporary interior as well.

Living room

Andrea Rugg/ Getty Images

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Texture for the ceilings

Just like with an accent wall, you can make the ceiling stand out by using a special texture. In the example below, the wood adds warmth and makes the room feels smaller than it actually is. It also does a great job at contrasting the walls and floor and creating a sense of disruption.

Dining room

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Things to Avoid

There are a few things you should try to avoid in order to maintain balance in your high-ceiling interior. Do not clutter the room using many small items, like tiny furniture objects, small works of art, or various decorating pieces. Try instead to use less large artifacts. Paintings should always be placed at eye-level. If you want to cover the space above eye-level, bring in some abstract sculptures or a wall clock. With these being said, we wish you a fun time decorating.

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