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Fall DIY Projects You Can Do During COVID-19

Fall DIY home renovation projects and crafts
Dasha Muller / Shutterstock

It’s true that COVID-19 has changed the way we will celebrate this autumn. However, there are still safe ways for you to spruce up your home to make it warm and cozy. Here are some festive home renovation projects and fun crafts to take on while social distancing.

Home renovation projects you can do this fall: 

Being stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Hit pause on that show you’ve been binging and commit to home improvement projects that will pass the time and make your space really feel like you. Here are a few fall house projects to get you inspired.

Upgrade your light fixtures

Upgrade your light fixtures during COVID-19
9Air / Shutterstock

Talk about a small change with a big impact. Modernizing your light fixtures can go a long way to making your space feel cool and polished. Simply choose a light fixture that matches your style — from industrial to boho. You can have your home feeling like new in an afternoon.

Add a bold accent wall

Try putting up a bold accent wall during quarantine! / Shutterstock

Tired of staring at your grey or white walls? Add some color through an accent wall! Choose your favorite paint color or find wallpaper that screams your style. Are you a renter or apartment-dweller? No worries! You can use a temporary stick-on paper!

Paint your kitchen cabinets

Paint your kitchen cabinets during COVID-19!
ImageFlow / Shutterstock

Want a new kitchen without a full makeover? Try painting your cabinets. It’s a bit of a job, but now’s the perfect time to tackle it. Upgrade your outdated wood cabinets by painting them a soft white or cool gray. Feeling inspired? Try a two-toned look for a unique touch!

Fall DIY projects and crafts to do when you’re feeling stir crazy:

Decorative pumpkins

Decorating pumpkins is a fun way to pass the time in quarantine!
Agnes Kantaruk / Shutterstock

Decorating pumpkins is a fun way to add a farmhouse look to any room in your home. You will need items like twine, floral wire, and ribbon. And, in a few simple steps, you will create beautiful pumpkins that give your home a country feel.

Welcome to fall signs

Create a "welcome fall" sign!
Kristen Prahl / Shutterstock

The best thing about doing home improvement projects is they don’t have to cost a lot of money. You can find some cute signs at the Dollar Store, then redo them with these inspirations. Also, you can do many of these redesigns with inexpensive supplies like paint, ribbons, and flowers.

Turkey crafts

Turkey-themed crafts with the kiddos
phBodrova / Shutterstock

Commemorate Thanksgiving with super cute Turkey-themed crafts. Get your kiddos involved with a paper turkey or a turkey flower pot. To make them, you will need a flower pot, some paint, and flowers. Sprinkle in some creativity, along with these simple steps, and you have beautiful crafts that are sure to brighten the holiday.

Owl pine cones

Create owl-themed pine cones!
saltodemata / Shutterstock

If you’re searching for a project your kids will love, this is it. Making owl pines cones is simple to do, is a lot of fun, and the result is adorable. You will need pine cones, a hot glue gun, feathers, and your imagination.

Pumpkin vases

Create a pumpkin vase for your Thanksgiving centerpiece!
Tinatin / Shutterstock

Pumpkin vases can serve as a centerpiece during Thanksgiving or give some nook in your home a cheerful holiday redo. To make them, you will need a craft pumpkin, fall stems, and a styrofoam block.

String art

Create fall-themed string art!
Yuliya Vrotna / Shutterstock

If your walls could use a seasonal refresh, consider string art. It allows you to create an autumn backdrop by using designs like pumpkins, acorns, and more. To make them, you will need wood, paint, small wire brad nails, embroidery thread, and the template for the shape you want to design.

Autumn wreath

Create an autumn wreath during COVID-19.
Arina P Habich / Shutterstock

Create a welcoming entrance with this autumn wreath. It’s simple to make and is the perfect complement to any room in your home. You will need a wood wreath form, wood balls, and decorative items like wood leaves.

Mason jar candle holders

Mason jar candle holders for fall.
PureRadiancePhoto / Shutterstock

Add some warm lighting with these festive mason jar candle holders. To make them,  you should acquire a mason jar, fake fall leaves, a tea light, and mod podge. In a few easy steps, you will have a cheerful candle holder that’ll add warm light and seasonal flair to your home.

Glitter acorns

Glitter acorns for fall and Christmas!
3d_and_photo / Shutterstock

Glitter acorns are versatile in that you can leave them in a decorative bowl, add them to artwork, and much more. Best of all, you could use acorns found in your backyard! To make these pearls of fall, you will need glitter and bronze. If you do not have acorns growing in your backyard, you can buy some online.

Pumpkin planters

Pumpkin-themed planters
Kathryn Kelly / Shutterstock

As the season changes, so will your landscape. One fun way to showcase your autumn flowers is with pumpkin planters. They are the perfect afternoon project and will yield some fun results. To make them, you will need plastic pumpkin pails, cement, and plastic paint tubs.

Fall table runner

Fall table runner
Elizabeth C Waters / Shutterstock

Dress up your dinner table for autumn with a beautiful table runner. This project is a perfect way for kids to become involved in fall house projects. You will need felt sheets, fabric glue, and a sewing kit.

Sweater pillows

Make pillows out of old fall sweaters!
Kryvenok Anastasiia / Shutterstock

Making sweater pillows refreshes the look of your furniture. Along with a sewing kit, you will need a throw pillow (if you do not have one you want to repurpose) and an old sweater. The project is easy to do and yields some spectacular results.

Lighted twigs

Lighted twigs in a vase
Africa Studio / Shutterstock

As fall ushers in longer nights, brighten up your space with lighted twigs. It is a fun project to do, and you only need a few items like lighted twigs, foam, and a clear vase to transform your room.

Fall-scented jars

Homemade fall potpourrie
caliluna / Shutterstock

Bring the crisp smells of autumn inside your home with room scents. All you need is to combine elements like cinnamon sticks, fresh pine twigs, and more in a stylish jar. They make the perfect gift, and you can even use freezer-safe jars to preserve the scent for future use.

The bottom line

These craft projects help you capture the essence of autumn in your home while social distancing. Best of all, they are simple to do, many are inexpensive, and making them is a fun way of doing a tiny home remodel that yields spectacular results.

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