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11 Floor Designs That Lay a World of Possibilities at Your Feet

Patterned floor design in living room
gerenme / Getty Images
Patterned floor design in living room

gerenme / Getty Images

For those of you looking for inspiring flooring design for your new home or looking to replace your old floors, today’s 11 floors design post ensures a starting point in your search for the perfect floors. The colour palette, texture, pattern and quality are features that cannot be overlooked if you want the result to be fabulous.

There are so many floor designs you can choose from that at times it seems extremely hard to match every detail if you are not working with an interior designer. The great news is that every style and budget can be met and inspirational photos can help you create your own personalized floor if you are willing to do it yourself. Anything goes: wooden floors, colourful tiles, poured terrazzo flooring, hand painted wooden floors, porcelain tiles in the bathroom or kitchen, even leather tiles can adorn your living spaces.

Choose the best style and colour for your home and try to have fun with each room’s interior design. Creative resources can inspire you to come up with your own idea on how to use different styles and materials to create unique floorings for your home. Look for a combination of textures that suit your room. Depending on the natural or artificial light that floods your interiors, some flooring designs can appear darker or lighter than in the show room, so be carefull with that.

Take a look at the pictures and let us and fellow readers know which one is your favourite and which floor you would consider for your home. You could inspire us to play with design and have fun with it. Feel free to upload your own photos of beautiful flooring you have in your home on our Facebook page and let others get inspired by your work.

White and red patterned floor in living room

united photo studio / Shutterstock

Black and white tile floor

@sashapritchard / Twenty20

Modern living room with mixed wood and marble floor

Dariusz Jarzabek / Shutterstock

Modern living room design

united photo studio / Shutterstock

Black and white tile floor in bathroom

@tobrook / Twenty20

Cobblestone style flooring in living room and dining area

@fabriciosousafoto / Twenty20

Colorful tile floor

triocean / Shutterstock

Patterned wood floor in modern minimalist living room

onurdongel / Getty Images

Birds eye view of dining table on marble and wood floor

a.CHONG / Shutterstock

Mixed flooring design in industrial kitchen

Westend61 / Getty Images