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How To: Incorporate Surfboards in Home Decor

surfboards in home decor

Are you ready to catch the wave of surfboards in home decor? Image: Starr Sanford Design

Americans have always had a love of surf culture. We associate it with cool people and a laid-back lifestyle. Surfers are famed for soaking up days in the sunshine, setting their own schedules and pursuing their passion for the ocean. What’s not to love? The surf culture hype is nothing new – but its introduction into interior design is. Now, everywhere we look, we’re seeing surfboards in home decor.

Whether you love or scoff at this new trend, there’s undeniable proof that it can work. When done right, using surfboards in home decor can give a room a laid-back air. Surfboard decor is ideal for homes with a beachy vibe or for modern structures seeking a little playfulness in certain areas. Ready to see how this trend works in practice? Here are some samples of surfboards in home decor highlighting how they can work in each room of the house.

surfboards in home decor - curb appeal

Upgrade your curb appeal with a surfboard out front. Image: Gabheart Investments

Curb appeal

Whether you’re getting ready to sell your home or just want to wow your guests at your next party, you’ve likely given some thought to your curb appeal. When trying to give your home’s exterior that special something, you probably looked for a notable piece. Maybe it was some interesting landscaping or a small statue. Maybe you painted your door a different color. Or maybe you added a surfboard. Nothing gives your home an instantly chill vibe like sticking a longboard right next to your front door.

surfboards in home decor - living room

Adding large-scale art to your living room is a breeze with surfboards. Image: Regan Baker Design

Living room

You want your living room to feel simultaneously relaxed and put-together. Decorating with surfboards can kill two birds with one stone. Because of their size, surfboards are a notable addition to any wall. They make an impact and let your visitors know that you’ve put some thought into the room’s design. But they’re also an homage to a relaxed lifestyle, so they help the room feel open and inviting. While other large-scale art pieces can overwhelm a space, surfboards seem to create more room wherever they’re hung. They say, “Come on in. The water’s fine!”

surfboards in home decor - kitchen

Surfboards are a great way to fill awkward open wall space in a kitchen. Image: Ashley Gilbreath Interior Design


The kitchen might seem like the least likely room for a surfboard, but it’s also one of the most challenging rooms to decorate. Cabinets and appliances fill up so much of the wall space in your kitchen that it can be hard to find room for anything else. That’s where the long, sculpted shape of a surfboard comes to the rescue. The sleek but sizable object is the perfect addition to the limited wall space, helping you fill it with something notable without making the room feel too cluttered.

surfboards in home decor - kids rom

A surfboard is a decor piece you and your kids will agree on. Image: Beacon Construction Group

Kids’ room

You want to give your kids a space where they’ll love to spend time and that they’ll be proud to show off to their friends. But your kids’ taste and your own might not easily align. It can be hard to find design elements that your kids get excited about and that you can also enjoy. You’ll have to compromise in other areas, but a surfboard can be one thing on which you’ll both completely agree. Equal parts hip and trendy, it’s an adventurous design element that elevates your kids’ rooms in a way everyone in the family can appreciate.

surfboards in home decor - game room

Make your game room insta-cool with a board. Image: About Space

Game room

Call it a game room, a bonus room or a man cave. This room is supposed to feel cool. What better way to give it that hip edge than by throwing a surfboard in the mix? Mount a surfboard above your pool table or TV to give all your friends that off-the-clock feeling. In our busy world, a board can serve as a reminder to kick back.

surfboards in home decor - outdoor shower

Surfboards don’t have to be mounted as art to work in your decor. Image: Wilco Bos

Surfboards in home decor as furniture and fixtures

Surfboards don’t always have to be mounted to the wall like art, either. They can serve a variety of purposes, from coffee tables to outdoor showers, like the one pictured above. If you’re looking for a way to incorporate surfboards in home decor as furniture pieces, check out these pieces by Duffy London. The board-inspired table and chairs are perfect for giving a space a sleek but playful feel.

Evidently, there is no shortage of ways to use surfboards in home decor. What do you think? Is this a home trend wave you’relanning to catch?

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