Multifunctional Design : Ironing Board and Mirror by Aïssa Logerot

Steven Errico/ Getty Images

Ironing boards and mirrors work toward the same goal of making you appear put-together. Fortunately, neither is necessary 24 hours a day and rarely, if ever, are they used at the same time. Multifunction is great when it can be pulled off without compromising style. This ironing board designed by Aissa Logerot flips back into a full-length mirror. The board is a bridge between two actions—that of ironing clothes and dressing up. A mirror that doubles as an ironing board, seems quite clever. “This object is a link between two consecutive actions: iron clothes and dress up,” explains the designer Aïssa Logerot, a recent graduate of ENSCI les Ateliers. The Ironing Board Mirror is a space saving device, as one side is an ironing board and the other a full length mirror.  – Via – Toxel