10 Irresistible Terrace Designs for Fresh and Dynamic Apartments

Portrait of pensive young woman relaxing with feet up on balcony

Westend61/ Getty images

The personality and feel of every home is seriously influenced by its relationship with the exterior. In the case of large residential projects, this indoor-outdoor connection is very easy to accomplish, especially if there is a garden involved. But what can one do when confronted with a limited living space? We believe a solution to this problem would be arranging an outdoor area that could serve as relaxation and that would be in strong contact with the rest of the house design. For today we gathered 35 amazing terrace ideas that we believe are a good source of inspiration. Whether we are talking about a balcony, a roof or a well-defined ground floor area, these diverse ideas should serve as a starting point when decorating. We tried to find diverse arrangements, most of them suited for modern apartments, but we ran into some interesting traditional designs as well. Have fun analyzing the beautiful terrace layouts and let us know if you have any other ideas that could complete the ones below.