House Redesign Abundant in Soft Walnut Hues: “Two-Levels” Project in Ukraine

poplasen / Getty Images

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Sergey Gotvyansky from NOTT Design Studio completed the “Two-Levels” project, a redesign of a family residence in  Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. The result is an elegant home with a color spectrum based “on the balance of rough surfaces of concrete-like plaster and warm textures of American walnut, plus white background and black embedding details”. The new layout was planned around a long hall acting as the core of the home. This key area connects an attached living room to the right with a kitchen and dining zone to the left.

The second floor is described as a completely private area accommodating the master bedroom with the dressing room and the bathroom, children’s and guest rooms. Here are further details, as provided by the project developers: “Selection of pieces of furniture has been made according customer’s desire to have quality made-in-Ukraine furniture and use the least possible number of factory stuff, so all board furniture, complete kitchen, the table, the coffee table, beds are made on the authors’ sketches by local craftsmen.” Enjoy the virtual tour and let us know what you think!