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20 VSCO Room Inspiration Ideas

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If you haven’t heard of VSCO before, don’t worry. What was originally a photo editing and sharing app launched in 2011 has now turned into an on-trend, much-loved aesthetic for Gen Z. The app’s minimalist design, dreamy filters, and emphasis on creativity has inspired masses to embrace all things VSCO in their lives – particularly with VSCO room décor. Think pastel colors, 90’s-inspired items, and laid back, beachy vibes.

Looking to create a cute, VSCO bedroom for yourself? Here are our top VSCO room ideas.

20 VSCO room inspiration ideas

Crescent moon mirror

Mirrors are a great design element for any room, but for VSCO lovers, it’s all about those out-of-this-world crescent moon rays. A moon-shaped mirror is the perfect accompaniment to your dreamy decor.

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Dotted wallpaper

A monochromatic color scheme of black and white works well with the VSCO aesthetic, as it won’t clash with those pop art-inspired wall collages or surf-loving pics. The dotted wallpaper style is also a great way to embrace one’s inner artiste.


Picture of a cozy bedroom with Christmas decorations. Render image.

Aleksandra Zlatkovic/ Getty Images

String lights

If there’s one thing we can say about the VSCO bedroom, it’s that it’s never dull! Drape your walls in bright string lights to ensure those good vibes never end. Bonus points if you clip your favorite Polaroid photos to them.

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Colorful wall collage

The VSCO app is also celebrated for its color-popping photo filters that make everything look bright, sun-drenched, and highly saturated. Embrace this look on your own walls with a fun-loving and colorful collage.


Natalia Kirsanova/ Getty Images

Artificial vines

VSCO can sometimes be about celebrating nature elements. Get some greenery in your room with faux vines, which have become an essential item in any chic bedroom. It may sound ironic, but it’s the perfect way to celebrate nature … without having to water it.


vinyl wall

urbancow/ Getty Images

Records on the wall

Perhaps what some VSCO lovers are most drawn to is the app’s focus on styles and elements of the past. What could be more retro than vinyl records, which (if not spinning) have a perfect home as cool wall decor?


Digitally generated cozy and messy home interior design with a small workplace, double bed and lots of home props. The scene was rendered with photorealistic shaders and lighting in Autodesk® 3ds Max 2016 with V-Ray 3.6 with some post-production added.

Bulgac/ Getty Images

Record player

VSCO tends to be about appearance, but you can throw a little functionality in there too. A nostalgic turntable is another common element of the VSCO bedroom. It’s all about embracing the artistry of the past. Contemporary musicians are even jumping onto the trend and releasing their albums in vinyl.


ZiaMary/ Shutterstock

Retro decals

Think the swinging ’60s are a thing of the past? Not with VSCO room decor! Get your groove on with retro decals, great for adorning your walls, door, or even that old-school turntable. Whether it’s a teen boy or teen girl bedroom, these add a splash of fun.


Agustin Almiron / EyeEm/ Getty Images

Light projector

Remember how we said that VSCO-lovers are all about things that are “out-of-this-world”? Well, when it comes to VSCO room ideas, it doesn’t get more popular than this. A light projector lets you enjoy the wonders of the galaxy – all from the comfort of your cute bedroom.


ysbrandcosijn/ Getty Images

Hollywood light mirror

Why should only A-listers see themselves in bright, flashy lights? Again, the VSCO aesthetic is all about keeping things light, bright, and beautiful. What better way to do this than with a Hollywood light mirror? Plus, it’s perfect for lighting up your fave wall collage.


ExperienceInteriors/ Getty Images

Neon light

Neon lights are an ideal way to decorate your indoor space. Not only are they fresh and affordable, but they’re also key to perfecting that VSCO bedroom style. Keep it fun with cute shapes and symbols, or inspiring with your favorite quote.


Ben Welsh/ Getty Images


Is there anything more laid-back and beachy than a surfboard? VSCO lovers like to keep theirs decorative and true to the look, whether that’s with free-flowing designs or pretty, pastel hues.


ArtistMiki/ Shutterstock

Inspiring quote wall art

Is your room a positive-vibes-only zone? A typical VSCO bedroom would also feature inspiring quote wall art as a way to lift the mood and remind you how beautiful life is. Quotes are usually either minimalist with a black-and-white color palette or paired with a pop art-style backdrop.


‘Friends’ references

There are very few things as signature ’90s as the long-running sitcom, Friends. If you need more VSCO room ideas, just look to the beloved American TV series for all things decor. Think wall decals, framed art, and quotes containing “Friends” references.


Francesco Carta fotografo/ Getty Images

Polaroid camera

Polaroid cameras – and the instant photo revival in general – play a huge role in the VSCO lifestyle. Their instant-gratification creativity mixes modern technology with the photography mediums of decades gone by. Plus, Polaroids are perfect for updating that wall collage.


Adél Békefi/ Getty Images

Velvet cushions

Velvet is a much-loved retro material, and as such, has truly become a part of the VSCO aesthetic. If they’re not wearing it, then VSCO lovers are adorning their bedrooms in it with cozy cushions.


KatarzynaBialasiewicz/ Getty Images

Tassel blanket

By now, you’ve probably realized that the typical VSCO bedroom is all about coziness and feeling right at home. This is why a thick and warm tassel blanket is vital VSCO room decor. Just drape it over a chair or your bed and voila!


Cozy hanging chair in the loft living room with stylish and bohemia design. Well designed and decorated with an assortment of interesting plants

AsiaVision/ Getty Images

Hanging plants

If faux vines aren’t your thing, another VSCO room idea is to use real hanging plants to liven up blank spaces. Hang them from the ceiling to fill your space with nature – just be sure to put them where they’ll have enough sun.


Nitat Termmee/ Getty Images

Hats as wall decor

Speaking of sun, hats are necessary for keeping the sun off your face, but VSCO lovers have also embraced them as practical wall decor. Keep it low-key and stylish with a muted or similar color palette. All you need are adhesive wall hooks and you’re good to go!


Oscar Wong/ Getty Images

Wall shelf

Sure, VSCO room decor is all about making a space beautiful and inspiring, but lots of these VSCO room ideas are practical, too! Take wall shelves, for example. They’re ideal for breaking up a wall collage and displaying books, plants, or other accessories.


The bottom line

You don’t have to belong to Gen Z to enjoy all the room decor the VSCO aesthetic has to offer. With key items and a few handy tricks, you can infuse your space with a laid-back, creative, and ’90s inspired look.

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