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Check Out These 15 No-Closet and Tiny Closet Ideas That Work

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Do you have a tiny closet? No closet at all? Getting ready isn’t any fun when there’s no organized space for your clothes. But don’t fret—there are some great solutions you can utilize to maximize your tiny closet space, or even create a closet when you don’t have one!

Organizing your tiny closet

tiny closet ideas

Keep your wardrobe down to the daily basics. Shelves, baskets and hooks maximize a small space, helping to store all your essentials. Image: Nadja Endler

Shop These Products Now: Closet  – Antique Love SeatWhen living with tiny closets, being an organized minimalist is essential. It’s important to keep your wardrobe to the essentials so you can store them efficiently. Give your clothes and accessories a good edit, keeping only the items you actually wear!When space is limited, it’s time to get creative with your storage. Consider doing a “seasonal closet rotation” twice a year. Keep only fall and winter clothes in the closet during the cold season, and only your spring and summer clothes when the weather’s warmer.At the end of each season, hide that season’s clothes away in boxes, a suitcase under the bed, or in bins, until you need them again. As you pack items away, consider donating items you don’t think you’ll want to wear again in 6 months. Then, bring out the current season’s items and store them in the closet for the next few months.What’s great about a seasonal closet rotation is that you’ll clear out your closet twice a year, creating two opportunities for a good refresh. And, chances are, you’re less likely to keep lots of excess “stuff” crammed in your tiny closet knowing that you’ll have to pack and unpack it twice a year.

Check out these no-closet and tiny closet ideas:

no closet replacement

If you don’t have a closet, or if your closet is way too small, turn a wall into an open closet by grouping your dresser with floating shelves, hooks and open bookcases. The secret to making the wall look great is color coordination, and keeping your items organized. Image: Habitissimo 

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tiny closet ideas -

A small armoire or cabinet from Ikea works as a closet replacement. If you have available space, add a long, narrow cabinet next to it, for storing shoes and accessories. Make the most of the top of the cabinets by adding baskets and bins to store smaller items. Image: House Beautiful

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closet replacements no closet ideas

Want to turn your beloved clothing into wall decor? Strategically hang modern, brushed chrome hooks for storing your clothes and accessories. Floating shelves and wall bars can hold shoes, purses or other items. Don’t forget to add a mirror and lighting for dressing. Image: Make Space

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Any spot can become a closet if you add a clothing rod and some cabinets below. Want to hide your new closet? Conceal it with a curtain or a room divider. Image: Light Studio

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clothing rack ideas

This closet system easily turns a wall into a closet. Image: Container Store

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tiny closet hacks

To make the most of a tiny closet, focus less on hanging your clothes across a bar and invest in hanging caddies instead. This organized closet features a variety of hanging organizers, including a hanging shoe tower (which can be used for more than just shoes), a hanging shelf, and a small, hanging jewelry organizer. Choose clear, plastic pockets so you can see what’s inside. Image: Atlas Design

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closet system ideas

This homeowner turned their only, tiny closet into a linen closet, and utilized a modular cabinet system from a home improvement store as a closet replacement. Image: HGTV

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tiny closet hacks

Hanging rods are often space-inefficient because they only use about half the hanging space available. This hanging rod extender can double your hanging capacity. Even better, you can use it behind a door, or in other under-utilized spaces. Simple Houseware Adjustable Hanging Rod at Amazon, $14.

clothing racks

Ikea’s Elvarli system is perfect for organizing anything that doesn’t fit into your small closet (or for replacing a closet altogether).

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ideas for when you don't have a closet

A couple of his-and-hers clothing racks, an overhead shelf, and a small stool are all this wonderfully-organized closet area consists of. It’s great as-is, but a mirror would make a perfect addition. Image: Elle Belgium

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clothing rack alternatives no closet

This studio apartment features a ceiling-mounted copper pipe fixture that serves as a clothing rack. Hooks on the wall hold jewelry, hats and handbags. Image: HGTV

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how to organize a small closet ideas

Check out how many items fit in that armoire and open closet, and how well organized they are, when bins and hanging rods are utilized. When you’re finished getting dressed, you can close the armoire or draw the closet’s curtains. Images: Martha Stewart and EM Interiors

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how to organize a tiny closet ideas

Add some fun to your tiny closet by using bright bins and baskets. Add colored paper or printed wallpaper to the back of the closet or cabinet for extra pop. Image: HGTV

Shop These Products Now: Storage BasketCloset KitJust because you don’t have a closet—or you only have a tiny one—doesn’t mean your closet can’t be fab. It’s all about keeping the clutter down to a minimum and focusing on artful display. Give it a shot!Have any ideas for maximizing tiny closet space? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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