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Intellibed Mattresses: Reviews, Details, And Pricing

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Mattresses and mattress companies are rapidly changing, and the Intellibed is a prime example of such innovation. The Intellibed, which utilizes a proprietary gel matrix, exemplifies how quickly the industry is moving to new materials and changing the way that we think about mattresses. Founded in the early 2000s by engineer Bob Rasmussen, Intellibed is not a “mattress in a box” company, but instead sells mattresses that bridge the gap between traditional box springs and mattresses that use all-memory foam models.

Intellibed mattress design: What are Intellibed mattresses made out of?

Intellibed prides itself on its gel matrix, which is made with food-grade mineral oil. According to Intellibed, this is beneficial for side, back and stomach sleepers, providing support that alleviates pressure points in any position. This material is also used to make other products such as baby pacifiers, so the material will not emit any off-gases and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

The beds are constructed with their signature gel matrix in varying thicknesses, followed by varying combinations of foam, connected springs and pocketed springs.

Connected springs are more traditional metal springs that are connected in a grid. This is (and has been) the most common method of building support into mattresses. The downside of connected springs is their tendency to transfer motion. Pocketed springs are independent of each other, but stacked together. This allows them to act independently and keep motion transfer at bay. Their luxury models, like the Midnight, can be built with up to five different coil supports.

What do Intellibed mattresses cost?

Pricing for Intellibed mattresses ranges based on model and size. Intellibed has three different lines, each with three to four models that are available in sizes ranging from Twin to Split California king.

Here’s pricing information for The Intellibed Original Mattress models:

Intellibed mattress size Price (MSRP)
Twin $4,799
Twin XL $4,999
Full $5,999
Queen $5,999
King $6,999
Cal King $6,999
Split King $9,998

*Pricing as of 04/29/2020

Intellibed offers 11 different mattress models

The Intellibed has three different collections, with a few variations each.

Legacy Collection

The Legacy Collection offers its least expensive beds, which start at $2,699 for a Twin.

  • The Azure – As their entry model mattress, the Azure utilizes 2.5 inches of gel matrix, two layers of foam, and a base of connected springs. This a good all-around offering if you’re mainly interested in the Intellibed gel material.
  • The Sapphire – Similar to the Azure, the Sapphire’s main difference is the addition of the pocketed coils. This reduces motion transfer and is a better choice for couples with one partner who tosses and turns.
  • The Indigo – Sporting a 100% 5-star review on Intellibed’s website, the Indigo uses the addition of a natural latex layer for body-conforming comfort and a cloudlike feel. Plus, a 3-zone pocketed coil system provides varying degrees of support for pressure points, so this is great for back and side sleepers who suffer from back problems.

Signature Collection

The Signature Collection is the line that Intellibed built its company on, and the four models within this collection offer increasing quality and complexity of materials. Mattresses in this line start at $4,799 for a Twin.

  • The Matrix – With a 1.25-inch layer of the gel matrix and two layers of foam, this bed has a firmer base than the rest of the mattresses in the lineup, but still maintains the conforming, soft feeling that Intellibed is known for. This is also the first mattress model to use Caliber™ Edge pocketed coils, which provides a perimeter of coils to reduce the “falling off” feeling of their lower-end models.
  • The Matrix Deluxe – Very similar to the standard Matrix, the Deluxe introduces a “phase change” cooling material that disperses body heat, making this an attractive option for hot sleepers.
  • The Matrix Supreme – This bed combines the previous two models’ materials and technologies in addition to a 2.5-inch gel matrix layer and a polymer layer that uses titanium flakes to relieve pressure and disperse more heat.
  • The Matrix Grand – The last model of Intellibed’s most popular collection, the Matrix Grand, uses two layers of the gel matrix material to provide multi-dimensional, bi-directional support for an elevated feeling of support for back and side sleepers.

Limited Collection

To offer an upscale, more traditional mattress shopping experience, Intellibed released their Limited Collection. Available only through Mattress Firm, these beds allow customers to lie on them, speak with a salesperson, and have access to a more luxurious line of Intellibed mattresses compared to their original models. This selection also uses the upgraded Samson Coil System™, which uses stronger gauge pocketed coils to offer more support and longevity in the mattress. Mattresses in this line start at $7,999 for a Twin XL.

  • The Starlight – Made with a luxury, tufted quilting and the Samson coil zone, the Starlight offers many of the same benefits and construction afforded to Intellibed’s other mattresses. With a 1.25 inch single layer of gel matrix and one layer of foam support, this bed will feel more on the firm side.
  • The Twilight – Built in the same fashion as the Starlight, the Twilight Intellibed increases the thickness of the gel matrix to 2.5 inches, which softens the feel of the mattress while adding more support. For those who have tension problems in the lower back, this is a significant step up in support and comfort.
  • The Nightfall  – In addition to 2.5 inches of the gel matrix, the Nightfall brings in a three-zone coil system to provide firm, multi-dimensional support. This is a good option for side sleepers that struggle to find relief in their shoulders and hips during sleep.
  • The Midnight – There are no holds barred for this model. Two layers of the gel matrix, gel-infused latex, and five coil zones make this the most expensive and luxurious bed in Intellibed’s lineup, with the queen size starting at $8,999. This bed is meant to provide the ultimate “firm and soft” feel, with cool, body-conforming support and a multi-layer system of pressure point relief. This model also features the Quantum® Edge Elite Coil Support System, which uses the five different densities of coils to provide perimeter support that prevents the “rolling off” feeling that one gets when they’re close to the edge of the bed.

How comfortable is the Intellibed?

Intellibed believes that their beds have the feeling of “firm and soft,” so much so that they trademarked that very phrase. The company claims to achieve this by combining their supportive gel with luxury coverings and layers of polymer foam. In other words, you experience the feeling of softness before your body gets the support of the gel, foam, and coils.

While they claim that all of their beds have this feeling, reviews and descriptions from the materials list show that the higher end the model, the more support can be expected, regardless of being a side, back, or stomach sleeper.

Other products sold by Intellibed

Intellibed sells other products to complete your sleep system, and the quality matches the complexity and thoughtfulness that goes into their mattresses.

  • Adjustable Bases – Available in all sizes to match Intellibed mattresses, their three models of adjustable bases allow you to set a preferred position to watch TV, read a book, or sleep. Though the first model is a basic, remote control bed frame, the advanced models use Bluetooth to connect to your phone, and can even help you rise in the morning.
  • Pillows – Intellibed makes three different pillows, ranging from a simple latex model to their $239 Z CarbonCool + OmniPhase. This pillow uses phase change material (PCM) to disperse heat and regulate temperature while you sleep.
  • Bamboo Sheets – In addition to traditional cotton sheets, Intellibed offers bamboo sheets that allow for great breathability and have antimicrobial properties. This is due to the porous nature of bamboo fabric, which maintains softness while allowing air to pass through.

Intellibed mattress reviews

Intellibed owners are loyal, and the mattresses have an average of 4.5 stars on their own site. It’s hard to nail down how independent reviews rate these beds, as they don’t sell enough products on Amazon to have a significant number of reviews, and companies like J.D. Power and Associates don’t have them listed in their top report of companies with high customer satisfaction.

With that in mind, Intellibeds fit somewhere in the middle of direct-to-consumer boxed mattress companies and strictly retail mattress companies, so it’s easier to rely on the company’s website. All in all, the reviews rave about the support for all types of sleepers, and the coolness and breathability of the top fabric are mentioned repeatedly.

Intellibed mattress pros and cons

Pros Cons
  • Unique material that supports all types of sleepers and provides years of durability
  • All models support different types of sleepers, making it an easy choice for couples
  • The company offers a 20-year warranty on all mattress models
  • All of these mattress models are more expensive than comparable models, but are on par with other luxury brands
  • A couple cannot set this mattress up on their own and must handle either bringing a mattress home from Mattress Firm or having it delivered for an additional fee

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is an Intellibed? 

Intellibed mattresses vary based on size and model. Mattresses in the Intellibed Legacy Collection start at $2,699 for a Twin.

How can I learn more about the Gel Matrix material in Intellibed mattresses? 

Intellibed has compiled a comprehensive list of nine videos that explain the material and how it aids in better sleep.

Do you need a special bed frame for Intellibed mattresses? 

No, Intellibed mattresses are generally heavier than other traditional mattresses, but any sturdy bed frame, box spring, or slat system will support an Intellibed mattress.

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