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The Best Mattress for Kids

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Adults aren’t the only people who will benefit from a better night’s sleep. Children do as well for their development, health, and overall well-being. The amount of sleep that your child needs depends on their age group. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children between the ages of three and five should have at least 10 to 13 hours of sleep nightly. That’s where finding the best mattress for kids comes into play.

We all want our children to be comfortable and get the best night’s sleep possible. Suppose you move to a different location and need a new mattress for your child; finding the best twin mattress for kids is a priority. In this guide, you’ll find more information about these mattresses, including the best memory foam mattress for kids.


The top 10 best  mattresses for kids

Mattress:Price:Type:Why is it good?Buying method:Shopping perks:Customer rating:
Casper Element$400Memory foamExceptional valueOnline· 100-night sleep trial


·Free shipping and returns

4.5 out of 5 stars
Arctic Dreams$300Gel foamBudget-friendlyOnline·120-night sleep trial


·Free shipping and returns

4.6 out of 5 stars
DreamFoam Elements $400LatexDurableOnline·120-night sleep trial


·Free shipping and returns

4.4 out of 5 stars
Saatva Youth Mattress$700InnerspringFlippableOnline·120-night sleep trial


·Free white-glove delivery

4.9 out of 5 stars
5 Little Monkeys$300Open-cell memory foam and dual-phase change gelAll-naturalOnline·100-night rest test


·Free shipping and returns

5 out of 5 stars
Zinus 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress$160Memory foamBest size for kid’s bedsOnline·Free shipping


·100-night sleep trial

4.3 out of 5 stars
The BKB – My Big Kid’s Bed$300Memory foamBest for young kidsOnline·100-night comfort guarantee


·Nestologists available seven days per week

4.9 out of 5 stars
Little Luuf$450Memory foamBest for a growing childOnline·100-night sleep trial


·Free shipping and returns

5 out of 5 stars
Nectar Mattress$400Memory foamBest firmnessOnline·365-night sleep trial


·Forever warranty

4.5 out of 5 stars
Tuft & Needle$300Memory foamBest motion isolationOnline·100-night sleep trial


·Free shipping and returns

4.2 out of 5 stars

Top 5 mattresses

Best overall: Casper Element

When you’re researching the best mattress for kids, that means thinking about longevity, comfort, and affordability. The value you’ll find with the Casper Element checks off all of those boxes. It’s $400 price point includes a gray mattress cover, base and the twin memory foam mattress. You can purchase these mattresses online from the manufacturer or other major retailers.

Customers benefit from a 100-night sleep trial and, if you don’t believe this is the best twin mattress for kids, then there are free returns. All orders receive free shipping and, for an additional cost, set up. These mattresses are ideal for children who move around a lot in their sleep.

Casper Mattress Details

  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King
  • Mattress height: 10-inches

Pros and cons of Casper mattresses


  • Easy to set up
  • Low motion transfer
  • Ideal for all three sleep positions


  • Poor edge support
  • Some feel it isn’t sturdy enough

Best for your budget: Arctic Dreams

Budget and affordability play integral roles in choosing the best memory foam mattress for kids. The Arctic Dreams twin mattress features medium firmness for just under $300. This memory foam mattress is an excellent choice when you’re trying to help your child avoid feeling stuck when sleeping or playing.

This budget-friendly option includes a free 120-night sleep trial, as well as free shipping and returns. It doesn’t matter what position your child sleeps in; this mattress’s firmness should offer the best support.

Arctic Dreams Mattress Details

  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Short Full, Full XL, Queen, Short Queen, King, Short King, California King, Split California King, RV bunk and RV King
  • Mattress height: 10-inch

Pros and cons of Arctic Dreams mattresses


  • High quality sleep from exceptional comfort
  • Excellent weight distribution
  • Comes in a variety of thicknesses


  • Doesn’t support back pain sufferers
  • The edges become too soft over time

Most durable mattress: DreamFoam Elements Latex

Finding a durable mattress for kids is essential, especially given how much time they spend sleeping and playing on their beds. With a price point that’s just under $400 for a twin, it’s no wonder parents are turning to the DreamFoam Elements latex mattress for their children.

This mattress’s 10-year warranty means the company stands by its promise of durability. Customers benefit from a 120-night sleep trial and, if they’re not satisfied, then there’s also free returns. There’s free shipping on every order. These mattresses are ideal if your child is a side or combination sleeper.

DreamFoam Mattress Details

  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King
  • Mattress height: 10 or 12-inch

Pros and cons of the DreamFoam mattresses


  • Offers a cool night’s sleep
  • Plenty of bounce and firmness
  • Relieves pressure points


  • Some feel the mattress is too basic
  • Others feel like it’s too soft

Best flippable mattress: Saatva Youth Mattress

Sometimes the best mattress for kids means finding on that flips over to help increase its longevity. That’s what you’ll find when choosing the Saatva Youth mattress. If your child sleeps most of their night on their back or side, there’s a dual-sized coil unit that offers exceptional support. There’s also a five-zone support layer that provides torso support for stomach sleepers. The bouncy innerspring coil means ideal comfort for combination sleepers.

In addition to flipping over, this innerspring mattress also features a 120-night free sleep trial. With its $700 price point, the Saatva Youth mattress is an excellent choice for children who sleep in many different positions. There’s also a cotton cover to help protect the mattress and provide additional comfort. Consumers also benefit from free white-glove delivery and a cool and comfortable night’s sleep.

Saatva Mattress Details

Pros and cons of Saatva mattresses


  • Versatile because you can flip it
  • Exceptional value for its price
  • Excellent for hot sleepers or those who sleep in different positions


  • Some consumers feel like it’s too firm
  • This mattress is not ideal for those who prefer memory foam

Best all-natural mattress: 5 Little Monkeys

With its $300 price point, this all-natural mattress is an excellent choice for those who are environmentally-conscious. Because your child is growing and is going to continue changing, 5 Little Monkeys understand how a mattress must adapt to those changes. That’s why this mattress is ideal for a growing child.

Those who have allergies also benefit from this mattress. This mattress is also beneficial for children who sleep hot or looking for a mattress that’s free of toxins. If your child isn’t comfortable after sleeping on this mattress for 100 nights, then you can ship it back to 5 Little Monkeys free of charge.

5 Little Monkeys Mattress Details

  • Sizes: Twin, Full and Queen
  • Mattress height: 8 inches

Pros and cons of 5 Little Monkeys mattresses


  • Allergy proof and free of toxins
  • Waterproof and temperature-responsive
  • Offers cradling support


  • Though the company touts that this mattress is waterproof, it’s the cover that gives it its waterproofing benefits
  • This mattress is heavy because all of its layers feature memory foam

This top five list is according to the mattress’s comfort, as well as affordability, value, and it’s materials. The information presented here is also based on real customer reviews.

Choosing the right mattress material

Researching the best mattress for kids involves looking at durability, as well as the materials from which they’re made. For example, you can find a memory foam, innerspring and hybrid mattresses for kids. They each have separate features and benefits that are ideal for children.

For example, memory foam mattresses conform to your body and offer exceptional comfort. However, If you sleep hot, make sure you look for a memory foam mattress featuring cooling gel technology. You’ll also find that a memory foam mattress is going to last just as long as an innerspring mattress.

Hybrid mattresses are another way to go if you’re looking for a combination of materials, including memory foam and innerspring. These mattresses are the best of both worlds. The main reason is that they offer the comfort of a memory foam mattress, as well as the support of an innerspring.

Things to consider when shopping for mattresses

Finding the best mattresses for kids doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process when you have the right information in front of you. That’s especially true if your child moves around in their sleep or are hot sleepers. Here’s a list of considerations to consider when shopping for mattresses:

  • Research the types of mattresses available and their benefits: For example, an innerspring mattress offers strong support while a latex mattress offers bounciness, and they tend to sleep cooler.
  • Look for the best comfort: If your child is a stomach sleeper, they’ll benefit from a medium to a firm mattress. If your child spends most of their night on their back or side, then a firm mattress is ideal.
  • Durability is critical: Choose a mattress that can withstand the abuse a child’s bed typically endures. For example, if it comes with a waterproof cover, that’s optimal. Kids also like jumping on beds, so make sure the mattress can handle that.
  • Don’t forget the sizing: It isn’t uncommon for children to need a “big kid’s bed” between two and three years old. Twin-sized mattresses are the most common at this point. Your child might grow into a Twin XL or full as they reach their teens.

The Bottom Line

The last thing any parent wants their young child, tween or tween to go through is getting a poor night’s sleep. You might have tried changing their routines, but it might boil down to them needing a new mattress. If you’re moving, this is the best time to invest in a new mattress from a company that offers free shipping. That way, the company can deliver it, and your child can test it out during the sleep trial to see if it’s the best mattress for them.


Frequently asked questions


Is a memory foam mattress good for kids?


Yes, they offer exceptional comfort, and their design reduces allergens. The main reason is that dust mites cannot propagate in a memory foam mattress.


What type of mattresses is best for a tween?


Yes, they offer exceptional comfort, and their design reduces allergens. The main reason is that dust mites cannot propagate in a memory foam mattress.


Does my kid need a mattress protector?


Yes, younger children have accidents in the middle of the night, and if you don’t contain that, it could lead to bacterial growth or health issues. It will also protect against spilled glasses of bedside and other mishaps.


What size mattress should a teenager have?


The ideal size depends on the height of your teenager and the size of their bedroom. For example, if their room is small and they’re tall, try a twin XL that measures 39″ x 80″. These mattresses have the same width as a twin, but they’re five inches longer.


When should my child have a full-size mattress?


Remember that when you get a bigger mattress, it cuts down on the play space. If your kids spend much of their time on the floor playing, it’s best to go with a twin or twin XL. A full mattress measures 53″ by 75″ so, if your child’s room is already small, their bed could take up most of their floor space.

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