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10 Bedside Pendant Lights That Will Rock Your Bedroom

Bedside pendant lights

Gorgeous bedside pendant lights transform the Houchins Upholstered Storage Platform Bed in a contemporary bedroom. Courtesy of  Wayfair

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

Bedside pendant lights are the ultimate bedroom multi-tasker. They provide light from above for reading and relaxing, but also remove the need for table lamps. We love the idea of creating more space on our nightstands — this is also the perfect opportunity to style your nightstand.

Installing a pendant or swag light over a nightstand is not a new idea. This was a popular style in the 1960s, especially with kitschy chains draped from the ceiling. Today’s bedside pendants are more refined and are available in all decorating styles.

Here’s Why Bedroom Pendants Are So Hot Right Now

  • Minimalism Rules – Our need for simplified spaces is still strong. Eliminating the need for a table lamp creates a clean look.
  • They Transcend Style – Bedside pendants are now available in every decorating style.
  • Renters Love Them – Pendants are available as plug-ins, too. If you’re able to attach a hook in the ceiling, you can add a swag light to your bedroom without any wiring.
  • They’re just beautiful – Installing a pendant light next to your bed is an instant design update that’s more than just adding a light to your bedside. It’s a strong style statement.

Once you’ve decided what type of bedside pendant light you’ll need in your bedroom and the size requirements, it’s time to have fun choosing a style. Don’t be afraid to venture out of your style comfort zone if you see a light you love. With the right accessories, any pendant or swag can work with your bedroom decor. Here are the bedside pendants we’re loving right now:

Geometric Beauty for Your Nightstand

Contemporary bedside pendant

The bronze finish of the Alrai Wire 1-Light Geometric Pendant is perfect for mixed-metal bedroom decor. Courtesy of  Wayfair

Clean lines and geometric shapes are on-trend right now. Airy light fixtures are wonderful when you want to keep things light. The latest geometric shapes are versatile and work with contemporary, rustic and mid-century modern bedroom decor.

Banded Gold Contemporary Globe Pendant

Gold bedroom pendant

A band of gold turns the  West Elm’s Banded Glass Pendant into something special. Courtesy of  West Elm

Look for special style details if you’re shopping for a focal point pendant. If your pendants will be the center of attention for your bedroom decor, it’s okay to be a little more extravagant with your choice.

Versatile Contemporary Bedside Pendant

Globe pendant light

A simple contemporary pendant light like the Cayden 1-Light Globe Pendant works best in a supporting role for your bedroom decor. Courtesy of  Wayfair

Contemporary pendant lights are so easy to add to any bedroom because of their simple lines and shapes. Complete your contemporary bedroom decor with a platform bed, floating nightstands and monochromatic bedding.

The Glamorous Crystal Pendant

Crystal Bedroom Pendant

Glam it up with the Chatteris 1-Light Crystal Pendant. Courtesy of Wayfair

Sometimes all your bedroom needs is a little glamour. A pair of gorgeous iridescent crystal pendants bring the sparkle to your life. Crystal pendant lights are available in a variety of colors, giving you personalized bedroom styling options.

A Traditional Bedside Pendant Light

Soft Bedside Pendant Light

Simplicity is the secret to choosing a traditional bedroom pendant light like the West Elm’s Sculptural Glass Geo Pendant. Courtesy of  West Elm

If you’d like to soften the light in your bedroom, a frosted glass pendant can give you the ambiance you need. You can change the softness of your bedroom light just by changing the bulb. When you’re shopping for a pendant light, be sure that you know which bulbs are specified for any fixture you’re considering.

Industrial Loft-Style Pendant

Industrial bedroom pendant

Dark bronze metal and chunky details give the PB Classic Industrial Cord Milk Glass Pendant a pretty, industrial, style. Courtesy of  Pottery Barn

Love industrial and loft style? Look for bronze or iron and strong details when you’re shopping for bedroom pendants. You can mix and match metal finishes in an industrial-style space, but the dark metals should rule the room.

Give Your Bedroom a Vintage Vibe

Retro Style Bedside Pendant

Add a little vintage style with the PB Classic Ribbed Glass Pendant. Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Bring the vintage vibe back from where it started in the 1960s with a retro-looking bedside pendant that’s a fun addition to any bedroom decorating style. To get this look, shop for globe shapes, chain swags and vintage finishes. 

Modern Farmhouse Style in the Bedroom

Modern Farmhouse Bedside Pendant

Wood details bring a modern farmhouse vibe to the Shelbi 1-Light Geometric Pendant. Courtesy of Wayfair

Bring your favorite modern farmhouse style into your bedroom with rustic pendants. The secret to farmhouse style is comfortable shapes and materials. Wood and rustic metals, along with Edison bulbs, capture the modern farmhouse style perfectly.

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Pendant

Mid-Century Modern Swag Light

The Anello Spun Cone Pendant has mid-century modern-style, and is an easy way to pull together a contemporary bedroom. Courtesy of  Rejuvenation

Mid-century modern decorating never seems to go out of style. The iconic lighting of this style can be used in a contemporary bedroom to give it a mid-century look. Corded pendant lights are the truest to the mid-century style and give your bedroom a more authentic vibe. 

Boho Swag Light

Boho Bedroom Pendant

Express your boho style with Andino Rolled Edge Pierced Dome global-style pendant. Courtesy of Wayfair

Bedroom swag lights are perfect for boho style. Look for pendants in natural materials like rattan, wood and metal with intricate patterns. A swag pendant with a chain or cord gives your boho bedroom a relaxed and casual vibe. 

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