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25 Most Creative and Original Mirror Designs

In the design industry, the simple “mirror, mirror on the wall” suffered some serious upgrades. Who knew this seemingly common decorating item would in time become so popular and take so many shapes? From the map of Italy to creative promotional mirrors, here are 25 of the most unusual mirrors ever designed:

Due to the fact that Cape Town is known for its drinking and driving habits, a taxi company called Rikkis launched a very creative campaign in order to convince people to take a cab a and get home safely. This Police Mug Shot Mirror from agency DraftFCB Cape Town ranked high in both creativity and awareness. And as an extra bonus, it made our list of uncommon mirrors.

Designed by Phil Sims, the Razorblade Mirror might not have such sharp edges as the actual razor blade but it sure looks similar. Even though it has a highly original shape and it can fit great in any bathroom or hallway, we think a “full” mirror would be a little more practical. But taking its creativity in consideration, we are certain that most mirror fans would make this “compromise”.

Did you ever wonder what is the height of famous people like Brad Pitt, Beyonce Knowles, Clive Owen, Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, and Abraham Lincoln? Well this uncommon Who Tall You Are Mirror lets you know what your hight is and in the same time compares it with the one of other celebrities. The mirror features 120 names which are written in a way that does not affect the viewer’s reflection, so it is still functional.

Vous Mirror has a unique shape and is the type of mirror with an attitude. Each time its user looks at it, it seems to talk back and say “Everything is Ok ‘. What better way to start your day than having “someone” complement you on your looks?-via Elves at Work

Here is an interesting looking mirror for those mornings when you feel a little “eco”. From H2o Architects, the Glass Mirror features integrated vegetation pots which together with the reflecting surface of the mirror create an intriguing and fresh design.-via DigsDigs

This ironing board designed by Aissa Logerot also works as a full-length mirror.“This object is a link between two consecutive actions: iron clothes and dress up,” explains the designer Aïssa Logerot, a graduate of ENSCI les Ateliers. The Ironing Board Mirror is a space saving device, as one side is an ironing board and the other a functional mirror.

Designed by Iris Design Studio, the Perito Moreno Vanity Circle was inspired by a south American glacier that has the same name. The round wall mirror features 12 illuminated half-bulbs and looks more like a clock than a mirror. Either way, we think it has a very interesting design which is why we decided to include it on our list. -via DigsDigs

We have to say this has to be our favourite mirror design of this selection. The Narcissist’s Mirror below features the following text: “Oh how beautiful you are! You’re charming. You look gorgeous! It’s fantastic. You are infinitely attractive! I think that you are fabulous, just fabulous! You are absolutely delectable. Your hair is really stunning, it sparkles with life! I love the way that you do your hair, that silken head of curls and waves is glorious.” This funny and creative text makes the user of this mirror completely ignore his reflection and start his day joyfully and confident.

Here is a practical idea from MicroWorks (Japan). This modern Jump Out Mirror consists of a small hand mirror which can be perfectly integrated within a larger reflecting item, forming a single product. Due to the magnetic attachments, the user doesn’t have to worry that the small mirror   -via DesignSpotter

The Skateboard Mirror is a clever and sportish element that can be placed either in the teens’ room or in a bathroom. It features a skateboard with exterior wheels, in life-size, perfect for a good reflexion. We also like the way it comes on the wall, it almost looks like a trophy, especially for the “hard-rock” skaters. You can pre-order this item at Purves, for the sum of $224.

Even though it is said that this mirror looks like one made from broken pieces, we think it looks more like a photo made of lightning. Either way, this “Broken Mirror” with unusual light patterns comes great and adds a dramatic feel and extra personality to a room.- via Elves at Work

This Touch Screen Mirror from Stocco takes the whole “mirror” notion to a new, technological level. This item can transform any dull bathroom in a fun and creative one that could always keep its users entertained. The mirror has a touch screen which can offer easy operation of radio, date and barometer. It also comes with an integrated mp3 player, for those who want to sing in the shower, but forget the lyrics from time to time.

Since we ventured into the field of technology, here is another interesting mirror designed by Alpay Kasal. The Interactive Mirror goes great in any interior and perhaps even in public spaces. As its name suggests, the mirror is able to interact with its user, who can play games on it, draw and of course take care of his or her look. Check out the movie and see what it can do.-via Oddee
There is probably no higher thrill than waking up in the morning, going towards the mirror, and see a skull. Okay, a little sick imagination there- but you have to admit that so is the designers of this Skull Mirror. Said to be created especially for Halloween, this unusual item can be found online here, for the sum of £3.95.

I’m sure you all remember the game of Tetris, the one where small shapes had to be placed together in order to form a compact block. This Tetris Mirror is for the true fans of this captivating game. The uncommon mirror comes with thirteen panels which can be arranged by the user in any way he wants. If you are superstitious you should be very careful not to drop any of them on the floor.

This Pirate Mirror is not as spooky as it is… cute. This design is just one of the Self-Portrait mirrors by Jeannie Choe and Steven Tomlinson. With their unusual look and happy tone, these mirrors are sure to brighten up a room and add a little fun and personality. You can purchase them online here.

This kind of mirror is ideal for kids to watch themselves grow and adults who never stop hoping. It was designed by JuanCo and is produced and sold by BanalExtra. We think it has a very original design that could go great in a room with a less serious feel.

In case you are thinking of visiting the capital of UK, here is a strange, but very original idea. The London Underground Mirror allows its user to plan a journey around London while in the same time getting ready for it. No need to get to the subway and fight crowds in order to see the map- it’s all there on the bathroom mirror. A little out there? We definitely think so.

Designed by Colin O’Dowd, this mirror is as big as a Polaroid and as cute as one also. Perfect for carrying around, the Polaroid Mirror is fun, functional and highly original. -via Toxel

The Fiction Mirror looks more like a optical illusion than the typical reflecting decorating item. From Glas Italia, this unusual mirror gradually fades away on the wall, creating a really interesting effect. The product was designed by Jean-Marie Massaud and fits great in a bathroom with an uncommon feel.

Vertana Mirror was designed by Hida Sangyo and comes in a funny reindeer shape. At the same time, it is highly functional and serves both as a mirror and a clothes hanger. Sure, as it gets covered, its unique design will slowly be hidden, but either way, this is an original piece of furniture to have around. In case you are interested, the Vertana Mirror is available for purchasing here.

Each and everyone of us has a favorite country, even if for most of the people out there this happens to be their home land. The Belvedere Italy Mirror by James Irvine is a  42? x 35? x 0.5? map of Italy that could act as an impulse for its owner to go visit this beautiful country. We don’t know about you guys, but we found this design simple and intriguing. Price: $592- from here.

In case you are looking for an easy alternative to a hard-to-maneuver mirror, this fun reflecting wall sticker is a good choice. In the photo below you have a bunch of funny cats, but you can check out a lot more similar designs here and also order your favorite online.

If you happen to be a fan of comfortable chairs up to the point where it would be enough to just look at one and feel all warm and fuzzy inside, here is an original mirror design to suit this unusual need. Big Mirror is designed by Paola Navone for Casamilano and it is basically a giant reflecting armchair. We like the originality of this design, which is why we decided to include it in our list.

This crazy looking mirror comes from Room Service and has a fun and crazy design. We think it would look great in an unconventional interior surrounded by other similar decorating items. Being given that it looks a little like a sea creature, small items like seashells or sea stars are recommended.

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