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Book movers or recruit your friends? Which size truck should you rent? How much should you tip? Don’t worry. We're moving experts, and we're here to answer your questions with all of the checklists, tools, and resources you'll need. It’s all right here.

The Pros and Cons of Renting a Home

Whether you are right out of college or you are into your ‘lived in’ years, most likely you will rent a home at some point of your life.  Renting as opposed to owning a home can have its pros and cons.  For some, renting is the perfect option, and for some, owning a piece of […]

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Read This Before You Paint: How Color Can Affect Your Home and Psyche

Ever since your first walk-through, you’ve been mentally swiping through paint swatches, putting together color combos for your new home…

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How to Change Your Address Online

If you’ve recently found a new house or apartment, you know it’s exciting, but it’s also anxiety-provoking. Moving is like an endless list of tasks that you need to check off. Remember that one of those tasks is to change your address. You may be wondering how to change your address online. Good news — […]

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Your Questions About Moving During Coronavirus, Answered

Moving is stressful enough on a normal day without the added chaos of a pandemic. We know you have a lot of coronavirus moving questions. So, read on to have those questions answered. 

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