How to Pack China and Other Fragile Items When Moving

Packing china can be one of those moving stressors you don’t think about until you actually do it. If you have memories of helping Mom clean up after holiday dinners, worrying you’ll break one of those delicate tea cups or family heirloom plates, you have some idea of how stressful it can be to pack china.

Now it’s your precious dishes and plates, maybe even those same family heirlooms from Mom. And they’re not just getting wiped down with a lint-free cloth to go back in the cabinet; they’re traveling across town or across the country. Even if you think you know how to pack china for moving, don’t take chances. Follow these packing tips on how to pack china so it survives for future generations.

Packing China Safely

Packing suppliesyou’ll need for packing china:

  • Packing peanuts or an environmentally friendly alternative, like biodegradable packing peanuts or eco-friendly cushion foam (don’t take chances with unproven eco-friendly options)
  • Bubble wrap, newspapers or another soft padding for between the dishes
  • A compact box or boxes that hold no more than 10 lbs, sometimes called a dishpack barrel. If you have the original box your china came in, all the better
  • Packing tape
  • Sharpie or magic marker

How to Pack China Plates and Bowls in 5 Easy Steps

  1. First, layer the bottom of the box with packing peanuts or several layers of cushioned packing foam. Don’t skimp on this important step!
  2. Your first instinct when packing china may be to lie the plates down, similar to the way you store them in your cabinet. Don’t! Plates are stronger standing up. Place a few layers of newspaper or a layer of bubble wrap in front of the first plate, then place in the second. Continue until the box is tightly packed.
  3. Fill in any additional space around the plates with crumbled newspaper, folded cardboard or packing peanuts. It’s crucial that the plates are in there firmly, with no room to wiggle around.
  4. Seal box with packing tape down the middle and across the side edges.
  5. Don’t take chances. Write “fragile” on every side of the box and “this side up” on the top. Of course, you should label every box with the contents, as well, for easier unpacking when you arrive at your new home.

Packing China Cups and Serving Dishes

  1. When you’re packing china cups, bowls and serving dishes with lids, it’s best to wrap each individual piece carefully in bubble wrap. Make sure you have enough bubble wrap to cover the entire item. Don’t skimp!
  2. Unlike plates, do put glasses and teacups on their bottoms, standing upright as if you were serving from them. Be sure to first line the bottom of the box with packing peanuts or cushioning foam.
  3. Use sturdy cardboard dividers between individual cups and larger items so they don’t bang around. When you wrap items with a lid, wrap each piece individually and then again together.
  4. After placing a layer of cups, top with a layer of sturdy cardboard and additional packing peanuts or cushioning foam. Continue until the box is full.

As with packing china plates, fill any remaining space with crumbled newspaper or packing peanuts. China cups, bowls and serving dishes may not fit as neatly as plates inside a box; make sure the box is not too full or two empty – items should be secure, with no room to move around.

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