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How to Update or Cancel Your Change-of-Address

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You were proactive in submitting your change-of-address information in the weeks leading up to your move. You went to Google to search “change my address,” and you learned how to do so through the USPS®.

But then, things got complicated with your move, and now you need to update that change-of-address request. Don’t worry — updating your request with the USPS® is easy to do. Just follow MYMOVE’s simple steps.

If you need to modify your request, you can either do it in-person, at your local Post Office™, or online.

The first step is to find the confirmation code that the post office sent you when you initially filed your change-of-address.

Where to find your confirmation code

As soon as your request is processed, the USPS® will send you a physical confirmation letter to your new mailing address. If you submitted your change-ofaddress online, you’ll also receive a confirmation to your email address. They will include your confirmation code in both the email and the letter.

The easiest way to find your confirmation code is to search for an email with the subject line: Your USPS® Change of Address Confirmation. If you only have the physical copy of the confirmation, you’ll find the code there as well.

Change of address confirmation code

If you lose track of your confirmation email or letter and can’t find the code, you can always visit your local Post Office™ in person.

How to cancel or update change-of-address online

Even after you change your address and the date has arrived that you requested your mail to be forwarded, you can go online and cancel or update your request. Simply go to the the USPS® change of address website and complete the following steps:

  1. On this page, there are blanks to fill in your new ZIP Code™ and your confirmation number. The confirmation number is the 16-digit code printed on the confirmation letter sent to your new address. If you submitted your USPS address change order online, the code is in the confirmation email that you received.usps view, edit, or cancel your change-of-address order form
  2. You can make the following changes/updates:
    • Change your mail forwarding start date.
    • Change your mail forwarding end date.
    • Change your email address or phone number.
    • Switch from a temporary move to a permanent one.
    • Switch from a family move to an individual one (though not from individual to family).
    • Cancel your address change order altogether.

It’s important to note that you can only make two modifications in a day (one which can be related to the street address line). After exceeding the two changes allowed, you will get the error message: “You have exceeded the amount of changes that you can make within the same day. Please try again in 48 hours.”.

Update your change of address in-person

If you’re having trouble with the online address change system, then you can go into your local post office and cancel or update your change-of-address in person.

First, find a nearby Post Office™ location.

To cancel your change-of-address, you need to submit the following to your local Post Office™:

  • A form of identification
  • Evidence to prove that you live in the primary address (this may include a utility bill or bank statement).

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I update my address?

MYMOVE recommends that you change your address with the USPS® two weeks before your move. This will provide sufficient time for the USPS® Mover Validation Letter to reach you and confirm your change of address.

How do I correct my change-of-address? 

Either by updating the information online at the USPS® website or in person at your local Post Office™.

Where do I go if I want an update about my request to cancel or change my address?

Whenever you need an update about your request to cancel or change it, you can either visit your local post office in person or visit

How much does it cost to change my address? 

When you use the convenient online change of address process, there is a $1.05 fee that you will be asked to pay with a credit or debit card. This fee serves as an identity validation tool and a fraud safeguard. USPS® will ensure that the address linked with the card you use to pay the small fee matches either your old residence or your new residence. By doing this, the postal service can verify that you’re the one requesting the address change.

Does changing my address with the USPS® update it everywhere else? 

No, this does not update your address on file with anyone else. It only forwards your mail to your new address. For most companies and organizations, you will have to notify them of your change of address. View MYMOVE’s in-depth change of address checklist to make sure that you have all your bases covered.

What is the best time to visit the post office to modify or cancel my change-of-address?

Post offices are usually busy when they first open in the morning, during lunch hours, and in the late afternoon. It’s always good to visit during off-peak hours if you can.

What do I do if my status shows ‘pending’ when I want to modify or cancel my change-of-address?

If your change-of-address form status is pending, it the USPS® still needs to finish processing it. You can either click the ‘cancel’ button to ensure your form is not processed or click the ‘edit’ button to update the name, the USPS® form type, start date, and duration for mail forwarding.

What do I do if I’m not getting my mail after modifying or canceling my change-of-address?

You can expect your mail to start arriving at your new address 7-10 Postal business days. If it has been more than 12 days and you’re still not getting your mail, you will need to contact the USPS® on 1-800-ASK-USPS (275-8777). You can also visit your local post office and let them know.

To make sure that you have notified everyone that needs to know your new address, you may want to download our complete change-of-address checklist.

MYMOVE is an authorized affiliate of the USPS®.

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