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This Month In Moving: Back to School Dorm Style, Joanna Gaines’ Castle, Celebrity Moves, Pirates

Joanna and Chip Gaines' castle, a pirate ship and living room high rise

It’s August and that means kids are going back to school and we’re still suffering through steamy weather and peak moving season. Here are our favorite stories and conversations about moving, home design and decor, and more for August.

Back-to-School Move-In Day

It’s back-to-school season and we’re here for it. The excitement, the dorm-style, the feels… all of it.

1. Obviously, dorm room style has come a long way… and we’re loving it! Wow!
2. See, celebrities are just like us. The college drop-off hits everyone.
2. Apparently, college drop-off is not all tears and sad goodbyes. 😂

Social roundup

Our favorite #movingday tweets and crazy homes of the month

1. Too cute! Moving with toddlers is a…..? Fill in your own blank.
2. When it comes to move-in priorities, we say do what makes you feel right at home.
3. Halloween is right around the corner right? Is anyone interested?

Celebrities on the move!

Janet Jackson sells her New York Apartment for $8.8M after owning it for 25 years.
Katy Perry is on the move too! Photo: Hilton & Hyland.
Hilton & Hyland / Los Angeles Times
Hilton & Hyland / Los Angeles Times


Home crush of the month

Architects do the craziest things! This housing block is cantilevered over a lake in the craziest way. Photo: Ossip van Duivenbode.
BIG and Barcode Architects have completed the Sluishuis housing block
BIG and Barcode Architects / Dezeen

Design & decor

Chip and Joanna Gains show off their latest “Castle” on Instagram @magnolianetwork.
Historical photo courtesy of The Texas Collection, Baylor University
Historical photo courtesy of The Texas Collection, Baylor University / Magnolia Journal

More than moving

Somebody is giving away a “Cursed Fridge”. Apparently the computer unit is haunted by his stepmother… Yes, the rent is too high, again. Manhattan rents hit record high for sixth month in a row… Japan needs its young people to drink more?… A Michigan man couldn’t get good interent at home, so he built his own fiber network... Man sets world record for kayaking in a pumpkin because apparently that’s a thing.

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