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Want to know what’s trending in windows? From energy-saving solutions to the latest window treatments and more, updating your home windows can have a major impact on the look of your home.

Best Windowboxes of 2021

Adding seasonal flowers to your windowsill is a great way to add curb appeal to your home. Windowboxes make it possible to extend your outdoor space and grow beautiful herb and flower gardens. These space-effective planters are a great way to bring life to any home and add character to the facade of your house.  […]

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Best Andersen Replacement Windows of 2021

The Andersen Windows and Doors Corporation was incorporated slightly over a century ago. Over the years, the company has redefined industrial trends and practices, working its way to the top as America’s premier window manufacturer. For homeowners looking to replace their windows, Andersen offers an array of products to choose from. Before settling on one […]

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Shutters on Windows: Everything You Need to Know

Shutters on windows are installed for privacy, to control sunlight and to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Both interior and exterior shutters offer benefits for homeowners, and because there are so many choices on the market today, this guide covers everything you need to know before you decide what kind of window shutters to buy. […]

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Black Windows Are The Next Big Trend

As you browse through interior decorating catalogs and magazines, you’ll notice that black windows are a trend designers are embracing. Over a decade ago, you could see black frame windows on the outside of many homes. Now, those black window frames are also a gorgeous addition to interiors. While black windows harken back to century-old […]

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Should you get a stained glass window at home? Cost and installation

Color and character: Adding a stained glass window to your home The earliest history of stained glass windows dates back to when pieces of colored glass were used in St. Paul’s Monastery in Jarrow, England, in 686 AD. Between the 1100s and 1500s, during the Renaissance and Gothic period, historians saw stained glass windows and decor as one […]

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Pella Windows

Pella has been in the window and door industry since 1925. They provide a wide range of wood, fiberglass and vinyl window options. They also offer top-of-the-line windows with smart home technology that continues their tradition of industry innovation. Their Insynctive technology adds security sensors to every window and door in your home. You can […]

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2022 Window Treatment Trends

A window treatment provides privacy, lets the sun in (or not) and helps to keep the cold weather out. And it does all of this while dressing up your windows and making your rooms look formal and elegant, modern or romantic – or while making a whimsical or bold design statement. 2022 is the year […]

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